That Time John Lennon and Yoko Ono Met Marshall McLuhan

The meeting of Marshall McLuhan, author of The Medium is the Massage and Understanding Media, was organized by the CBC, at the time when John Lennon and Yoko One were in Toronto doing press to bring attention to their War is Over billboard and poster campaign.

McLUHAN: “Can you tell me? I just sort of wonder how the ‘War Is Over,’ the wording… the whole thinking. What happened?”
JOHN: “I think the basic idea of the poster event was Yoko’s. She used to do things like that in the avant garde circle, you know. Poster was a sort of medium, media, whatever.”
YOKO: “Medium.”
JOHN: “And then we had one idea for Christmas, which was a bit too vast, you know.”
YOKO: “We wanted to do it.”
JOHN: “We wanted to do it, but we couldn’t get it together in time.”
YOKO: “Maybe next year.”
JOHN: “And to do something specifically at Christmas. And then it got down to, well, if we can’t do that event…”
YOKO: “We did this.”
JOHN: “…what we’ll do is a poster event. And then how do you get posters stuck all around the world, you know. It’s easier said than done. So we just started ringing up and find it out. And at first we’re gonna have… we had some other wording, didn’t we, like, ‘Peace Declared.’ And it started up, there’s a place in New York, where you can have your own newspaper headline, you know. There’s a little shop somewhere in Times Square. And we were wondering how to, sort of like, get it in the newspapers as if it had happened, you know. And it developed from that. Well, we couldn’t get the front page of each newspaper to say war was over, peace declared or whatever.”