Sound Recordings From The Waters Of The Monterey Aquarium

This live stream of the ocean soundscape is from 900 meters deep just outside Monterey Bay, California. Recordings come through a hydrophone on a deep-sea cabled observatory, and the audio has been amplified so you can hear this from your speakers but you may still need to turn up your volume to hear the many subtle low sounds. The very low pitch of some baleen whale vocalizations can only be heard with appropriate speakers like a subwoofer or high-quality headphones.

The stream is delayed approximately 20 minutes from the current time to allow for processing. Sound files are recorded in 10 minute segments, so every 10 minutes you will hear the beginning of a new sound file.

Sound sources and levels vary greatly. Tuning in at any time, you may hear whales, dolphins, sea lions, boats, rain, wind, earthquakes and other sounds. If you tune in to a quiet soundscape, be sure to check back later.