Questove on Prince’s Band Rehearsals

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The most telling part of @Prince’s personally imo was how he conducted himself in rehearsals. No doubt he was drill sgt disciplined (even as fly on wall i was rolling my eyes like “if HE CALLS DELIRIOUS ONE MORE DAMN TIME!!!!!!!) most people practice to get it right for showtime, he over-practiced to get them to the place of zen. It’s like only then when you master it so much that you can play “Little Red Corvette” in your sleep you can build on top of the perfection and explore colors (if you ever are fortunate enough to have the patience to study the 32 min version of #IWouldDie4u you can hear the results of when repetition becomes perfection then morphs into a trippy place that make total sense.—-but on the other hand there are plenty of silly moments like this 1999 era rehearsal in which he’s just messing around w Vanity 6 & Jamie Shoop (he calls Vanity her given name Denise)—this jam amazes me the most: that his idea of fun was jam sessions with ANYBODY including his tech, tourmanager and gf. I mean I know I love music more than anything but I ain’t tryna jam for an hour w no purpose w non musicians lol—but to hear this bit, he is having the time of his life. THAT is a commitment to music. That’s what we need to learn from @Prince. Fall jealously in love w our craft. Prince will never age.

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