Announcing Spotlight on Poland and Eastern Europe at CMW 2020

The 2020 ‘Spotlight on Poland’ marks the first-ever official music mission from Poland to CMW, and the first-ever official music mission from Canada to Poland.

As part of their outreach to Poland, CMW has organized an outbound mission from Canada to participate at the POLAND 2018 MUSIC EXPORT CONFERENCE in Warsaw, Poland (October 11-12, 2018) presented by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for the Republic of Poland.

The two-day conference is under the umbrella of Poland’s event, ‘Creativity Days’.

The mission participants will present panels on the Canadian Music Industry, to delve into the various support systems and how key industry organizations work together with government.

The Poland market is very interested in best practices and building their domestic industry and increase their ability to develop music exports.

More details on the process and the conference programming will follow. Check out the 2017 event for more information here.