High Music Streams Are the Ultimate Vanity Metric in 2018

The word streaming has still got some left confused about its meaning. It refers to either listening to songs or watching the video ‘real-time’ instead of watching it later.  Music Streaming is all about listening to your favourite song without having to download them. Examples of a few services include Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music etc. It doesn’t matter on which device you are listening to songs as they are universally compatible and so can be played on any device.

Basically, the number of plays is fairly considered as an indicator of an artist’s success or failure. But given the importance and impact that data has on the business, the concept of engagement plays a more important role rather than just the plays. But why is music streaming considered as an ultimate vanity metric? And for beginners, what does vanity metric refer to? Vanity metric refers to measuring those things that are not relevant. These are the figures that do not have a direct bearing on the success of the business.

  • Reason 1: Presumptions rule
  • Reason 2: No direct correlation between streaming and engagement
  • Reason 3: Plays vs Engagement

Reason 1: Presumptions rule

On any of the music streaming websites, it is a natural human tendency to assume that any song with a high number of plays to be top-rated and we also click on those songs to catch a whiff of the same. This, in turn, prompts the artist to assume that the listeners care about his/her music which in fact, may not be true. It is quite a Herculean task to convert random listeners into your fans when you are the artist.

Reason 2: No Direct Correlation between streaming and engagement

In this case, engagement refers to how many songs of yours do the listeners listen to fully and save, the replay rate etc which are quite more important than the number of users who have listened to that one song of yours. In most cases, we find that most listeners drag and drop songs into their playlists but would also hardly be able to recollect the artist names.

Reason 3: Plays Vs Engagement

Plays are vanity metrics and most decision makers at these media houses engaged in streaming choose to prioritise engagement overplays as they cannot be artificially induced unlike in plays. Having a good number of plays is no guarantee for an artist’s success these days in an industry where artists taste success only after a lifetime of struggles.

Also, there goes the famous quote, “Opportunities don’t often come along, so when they do, you have to grab them!” The above-garnered points are the three main reasons as to why High Music Streaming is a vanity metric by Jackpot Fruity which is currently one of those best casino offering table games providing an amazing offer for casino players. The trends change every time. Today, music streaming may be considered as a vanity metric, but tomorrow it could set the stage for something more bigger and better!