How to Increase your Fan Page and Audience Engagement

In a technology and social media-driven lifestyle today, it is natural to rarely find people with no social media accounts. There is at least a Tom, Dick and Harry who have their social media accounts on any one of the long lists of social apps in existence today thanks to the smart gadgets. Even businesses have begun to maintain their pages on all forms of social media, the most common being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube etc. Even celebrities across the globe make use of the social media platform to interact with their fans.

In that process comes the question of maintaining a separate page. The more popular the celebrity is, the more is a requirement to maintain a page. Most countries have a celebrity-crazy fandom culture in existence today. So how do you increase your fan page followers and reach a wider audience?

Facebook Ads

The simplest of all methods as it mostly involves running advertisements consistently against your target audience. However, it involves quite some amount of money to boost your fan page. If not, the best alternative would be the organic growth. Using Facebook Ads can bring out several advantages. It is one of the fastest ways to increase the traffic to your page, is quite measurable and can also increase your customer attribution rate.

Organic Growth

This method involves reaching out to your audience without using any paid method. Be it any inspirational images, humorous and engaging content that the audience can relate to. That is a ‘slow and steady step’ to build your fanbase. How much ever large the fanbase is, unless there’s some engaging content, no one’s ever going to respond to the posts. So, in short, the three main fundamentals of organic growth on Facebook include:

  • Consistency
  • Knowledge
  • Authenticity

Build your authority on the FB page by attracting the right audience on to your fan page. It would not be much of a Herculean task, given it’s a celebrity fan page. Hence not much influencing work is required.

Analysing your audience could also help to build a target persona specifically for the social media account. Each social media account tends to have a different kind of audience. Like, say, what is applicable to Facebook may not apply to Twitter or Instagram. Having a strong posting strategy could also help. It can comprise a mix of the following steps-

  • Posting often to engage with your audience
  • Variety of content is a must (try to include more photos, links to the blog posts)
  • Mixing up your content combination
  • Also including images that are viral on the social platform could also help

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