Toronto Pop Supergroup Girl Pow-R Launch GirlPowRment Wall TODAY With Fans At “A Conversation With Ellen DeGeneres”

Toronto pop supergroup Girl Pow-R will share their message of empowerment and kindness this Sunday, March 3rd to attendees of “A Conversation With Ellen DeGeneres”.

Fresh on the heels of their most recent single, “Never Let Go”, the all-girl band ranging in ages from 10 – 17 will perform outside the Scotiabank Arena at 1:00pm – 2:15pm and 3:15pm – 4:15pm, and will be inviting those passing by to write on their #GirlPowRment #Wall.

“We’ve already started writing messages about friendship, acceptance and support that we find inspiring,” Girl Pow-R says of the wall’s making. “We can’t wait to see what other girls and women of all ages add!”

“A lot of people in our society are trying to change you to not be yourself, and to act differently to fit in. But (we say) you should ‘Never Let Go’ of yourself for someone else! Be you, and be proud of who you are,” says Kalisa, one of the band members.

“Our #GirlPowRrment #Wall is a visual symbol of our overall mission, which is to support and uplift young women through music and community,” says Girl Pow-R creator, Dawn Van Dam. “Ellen DeGeneres is one of the world’s foremost role models for kindness and being yourself, and so we wanted to launch our movement while she was here in Toronto.”

Girl Pow-R shares in Ellen’s values and are excited to share their movement and music with her fans. Girl Pow-R first came together on International Women’s Day 2017 and have since won a Family Channel-sponsored singing competition, as well as nominations for Niagara Music Awards’ ‘Best New Group’ and a Toronto Independent Music Award.

Having performed more than 100 shows in the last two years alone, they were hand-picked to re-create the Mysticons theme song, and have appeared on Fresh 95.3, YTV, TVO Kids, CityTV, eTalk Canada, Girls’ Life, Tiger Beat, J-14, Celeb Secrets, Stage Right Secrets, Geek Girl Riot, and more.

“International Women’s Day means bringing awareness to the hard-working women and girls all over the world who deserve an endless amount of respect and support. I hope that the #GirlPowRment #Wall of strength starts a conversation about encouraging young girls to feel confident and pursue their dreams. I believe Girl Pow-R can make a difference,” says Carina, one of the band members.

Launching this movement for the #GirlPowRment #Wall in conjunction with Ellen’s visit and #IWD2019 International Women’s Day 2019 and their efforts towards #BalanceforBetter is a great way “to celebrate women and how far we have come, and what we have accomplished”, says Maya, a band member.  “Also, it’s about educating people about women’s rights and talking about equality.”

Everyone in Girl Pow-R is thrilled to help collect and share these messages to build strength, confidence and resilience through the #GirlPowRment #Wall. At every show from now on, we will be asking people to write an empowering message to all girls and women about how to be stronger and more powerful, how to never let go, how to use the power of how they and their friends click, to be stronger than yesterday, and continuously live life to the fullest by having fun all day!