E-Cigarette Rules in Concert Venues Across Canada

While e-cigs are considered different than traditional tobacco for many reasons, they’re typically considered one and the same under the eyes of the law.  For concertgoers in Canada, knowing whether or not they’re allowed to vape within the confines of a venue is important information to have. With this in mind, we’ve included the smoking and vaping policies of the most popular concert venues in Canada.

Scotiabank Arena

This multi-purpose arena in downtown Toronto is home to many amazing games and concerts. If you’re thinking about attending one of these live events, you’re likely asking yourself if you’re allowed to vape inside the Scotiabank Arena. The answer is that you’ll have to head outside to the smoke pit to join the traditional tobacco users. There is no vaping or e-cigs allowed inside the arena.

Bell MTS Place

Home of the Winnipeg Jets, MTS Centre is a strictly non-smoking center. They do include e-cigs as part of their non-smoking policy. You’ll have to leave the premises in order to utilize your e-cig or other smoking products. What’s more, concertgoers should consider stocking up on juice through their preferred online vape shop prior to getting to downtown Winnipeg. Otherwise, they risk waiting in long lines in the limited number of shops in the area.

The Commodore Ballroom

This downtown Vancouver music venue that holds just under 1000 people is a non-smoking establishment. This includes e-cigs and vaporizers. There is also no re-entry at this venue, so once you leave, you can’t come back inside.

Centre Bell

Formerly known as the Molson Centre, Bell Centre is an entertainment complex located in Montreal. If you want to catch a Montreal Canadiens game or concert at Centre Bell, you’ll need to know that this center has a smoke-free environment. This includes vaporizers and e-cigs.

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Located in downtown Vancouver, this performing arts venue is one of the most popular places to catch some amazing shows. This theatre sports a no-smoking policy, which includes vaping and e-cigs. However, they do have designated areas within the building perimeter where you can enjoy a hit.

The Orpheum

This music and theatre venue is located in Vancouver, Canada. It harbors a strict no-smoking in the theatre policy which includes e-cigs and vaporizers. They do have designated smoking areas on the premises which you can take advantage of.

Rexall Place

Home of the Edmonton Oilers, Rexall place has a no-smoking policy at its facility. This includes e-cigs. You’ll have to exit the facility to use your device and will not be allowed in once you leave.

Vancouver Playhouse

This theatre company offers many artistic and musical performers. They do have a no-smoking policy that they uphold, which includes e-cigs. They do, however, have designated smoking areas that you can go to outside of the theatre. They allow remittance into the theatre with a ticket.

Canadian Tire Center

Located in Canada’s capital, the Canadian Tire Center is home to the Ottawa Senators. If you plan on catching a game, you’ll want to know that this center has a smoke-free environment. They do have designated smoking areas outside of the venue for before and after the match.

Scotiabank Saddledome

If you’re looking to enjoy watching the Calgary Flames play, it’s likely the Scotiabank Saddledome is on your schedule. This facility does sport a smoke-free environment, which includes the use of vaporizers and e-cigs. They do offer designated smoking areas outside of the dome you can use.

Rogers Arena

The place you’ll find the Vancouver Canucks, Rogers Arena, is another strictly non-smoking environment. They classify e-cigs and personal vaporizers as part of smoking products. This facility will not let you in once you leave to utilize your device.