How do you score high in an American university paper?

Writing thesis and academic writing is homework that cannot be avoided at North American universities. Here we introduce, to write a US university paper, what are the precautions and papers to get high score skills. In this article, we focus on the following points, how to write a high-score American university paper:

Rhetorical strategy (also known as logic or persuasion)

“Rhetoric” has a lot of meaning, but it’s all about successfully connecting and persuading the audience. For students, the audience is usually a professor or other teacher. In terms of rhetorical strategies, we must pay attention to:

– Summarize everything

After the topic is taken, you will summarize all the things you will discuss in the following paragraph in the first paragraph. At the beginning of each of the following paragraphs, the first sentence is used to summarize what is discussed in this paragraph. This is the topic sentence or center of each paragraph.

– Enrich your vocabulary

Use more complex words to improve your writing. You can use a dictionary to find synonyms or synonyms for vocabulary known to enrich your vocabulary. When you find a new word, you should look for a few examples to understand how the word is used in different contexts and whether it is appropriate to use it in the context of your writing. If you have difficulty doing the above, then you can search for words on Google and learn about the use of common words. If you encounter difficulties in this section, accessing is an option that should be considered.

– Keep your language neutral

During the learning process, you usually find topics that motivate you or make you irritated. But keep in mind here, no matter how enthusiastic you are about this topic, readers of academic writing prefer clear, accurate, and neutral descriptions of emotional, or pedagogical, language. The following two examples are compared:

Not recommended: Education is the single most important factor in career success.

Recommendation: Education is one of the important factors in career success.

Not recommended: New Horizons is the fastest spacecraft ever made.

Recommended: In 2007, New Horizons was the fastest spacecraft ever made.

Recommended: New Horizons travels at 16.21 kilometers per second.

Find opportunities to be critical

Usually the teacher wants to see their students able to think and write critically. Criticism here does not mean criticism, but questions and questions. In other words, don’t understand and accept things with what you see on the surface. Critical writing means you have to carefully examine a topic and ask questions about its various aspects and listen to various perspectives. In addition, criticality also means that you can’t believe anything because of someone’s status. Even if the achievements of an author that you find during the research process are extraordinary, that does not mean that he is right. The best way to treat them like some unnamed writers.

Personal expression

The first year of assignment in college is about personal expression, that is, writing in accordance with your own memories, impressions, or emotions. And when you move to a higher class, the writing assignments you meet often require research based information.

Writing based on research has many advantages. Academic writing readers are more confident in research-based writing because the information used will likely be validated before the article is published, and if readers have questions about that information, they can find the original source of information and confirm it themselves. Likewise, readers are more likely to believe in opinions supported by research information, not just the author’s own feelings. In advanced academic writing, if your writing is only based on things that are not clear, it is considered unreliable and tends to receive a low score.