The Coolest Watches To Buy For A Musician

Everyone knows that musicians can be a picky bunch! Either the rider didn’t have their favorite brand of sparkling water, they’re on take #147 for that guitar solo, or simply won’t go on stage unless they’re wearing their lucky socks! Whatever the case may be, musicians are often perfectionists, which means they won’t settle for second-best when it comes to anything… and by anything, we also mean the gifts they receive.

Have a musical friend or loved one with a birthday coming up and no idea what to get? Well, even if they asked for a $25,000 Game of Thrones Fender guitar, you might want to get them something a bit smaller and more affordable… like a watch. Now, this doesn’t have to imply that they’re also late (there’s always one to band practice), but it’s still a cool, stylish, and useful gift to get for the musician in your life. However, we know that not any old watch will do, so get them a watch especially for musicians!

Probably the most metal watch in the world

Know someone who’s into thrash metal, with long hair and always dressing in black? Then there’s no watch more perfect than a Nixon/Metallica watch. The famous metal band recently teamed up with Nixon to create a truly epic range of wristwatches. You’ll have your choice of a few album covers displayed on the watch dial, combined with a black metallic strap and even a guitar as the watch hand in a few cases. There are a few artist/watch partnerships out there, but Metallica and Nixon have combined to create a truly cool watch that’s actually wearable.

A watch for the future

This option might be a tad more expensive, but perhaps you could combine it into a birthday and Christmas present for the next few years! The Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 is a smartwatch that doesn’t necessarily look like one, which is great if the person you’re buying for hates the futuristic look of something like an Apple Watch. While the features like Maps, customizable dials, and a rechargeable battery are all pretty useful, the option of being able to store tracks on the watch and listen to them via Bluetooth headphones is definitely the most exciting part for a musician. If you think this is too expensive brand new, then try getting one second-hand online and maybe you’ll get lucky with a good price.

Finally… a watch you can actually play

For any musician, it can be hugely frustrating to think of an amazing melody but have nowhere to record it until you get home to your guitar or keyboard. Well, that is until we heard about the Audioweld Synthwatch. A little chunky for some, but this is nevertheless a keyboard synthesizer on your wrist. It even comes with its own sequencer, which means you can record and tweak all the sounds you play. It displays the time as any digital watch does, but if you’re after something with a bit more pizazz, then it’s hard to beat this musical watch.