Top 3 Recommended Casino Games to Try This 2019

Sometimes it’s hard to feed those urges of betting and gambling because casinos are too far away. But thanks to the online universe, you can now enjoy thousands of online gambling games. Below you will find the top 3 recommended casino games in 2019. 

Why Is It Loved By Many?

It’s true that they aren’t the same as the real thing, and they don’t have the same buzz of real casinos where you played your first gambling game. But people all around the world are getting into it, even if you’re living in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of all Casino Malaysia based gambling games. Online gambling still has some of that thrill you crave, the thrill of watching the cards turned over or the reels spun to reveal your fortune or bad luck. Many online platforms offer different games with a variety of themes, and that attracts new gamblers and gets people hooked on it for more because there’s something for everyone.

Wondering which ones to try out? Take your pick from these games below:  

1-Jackie’s Treasure

This is a sparkling Pirate-themed slot from the Caesars Casino app. It has a 5×3 reel layout, no pay-lines, and gives you a maximum bet of 50,000. Your main goal in the free to play slot is to fill up the Wheel Bar, get it full, and then try hitting 3 Jackie’s Treasure symbols. This will unlock all gathered riches to boost your current bet. The biggest jackpot you can get is 250,0000 chips, so try your best to get lucky with that.

2-Crazy Train

This game is a great choice in the categories of Social Casino apps. The slot takes you on a trip around the country, gathering Loose Caboose bonuses, and matching Wilds and Dollar Stars multipliers. Free Spins can go up to 240, and you are able to chain them for massive payouts and rewards.

3-Jungle Legend

This game has an animal-themed slot with Tarzan and Jane characters to guide you. It has 100 pay-lines, 100000 maximum bets, and awesome Elephant Wilds spanning across whole reels. It also has the Jungle Prince bonus, which calls upon other Wilds to get you bigger winnings.

The Perks You’d Be Getting

Because it’s in your own home, there won’t be any loud or obnoxious patrons disturbing you while you gamble away in your game. You don’t have to tip the dealers, and you don’t have to wait your turn for a seat at the table. You will get better overall payback percentages for most games, slot games in particular. The stakes can be small and minimum bets made can be as low as one cent. You can get access to free-to-play versions of casino games, so if you don’t have any spare cash, you can still play without real money. The chances of jackpots are higher too because of the extended online software networks. 

Everyone needs to understand that you win some, you lose some; that’s just the way it is. Enter a whole new world of lucrative online entertainment in your home, and remember to enjoy and have fun!