Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing

The moment social media started to gain popularity, it became the pacesetter for global communication by having users send messages, share music, photos, videos, and other content locally and globally. Since everyone turned spends so much of their time on social media instead of radio stations and televisions, business owners were encouraged to give their marketing strategies a new face.

Too often, social media marketing has been seen as the solution to the difficulties and challenges brands face frequently. You are told to post on social media for increased customer retention, to increase your customer base, or boost your business by 1000%. It sounds simple and juicy.

While social media isn’t something you should ignore, the truth is that it will not instantly or eventually help you solve your business problems. Don’t be disappointed. When you discover the truth about how social media helps grow your business, you will know the best way to use it.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to measure the output and effectiveness of work done in SMM area. There exist several options to check the result of social media marketing specialist:

  • Do not forget to look up to coverage, user involvement, conversion of paid traffic into social. Moreover, remember to track ROI;
  • Keep in mind the growth rate of ER – engagement rate;
  • Bear in mind the place of social media marketing in the associated conversions. Thus, you will be able to assess employee payback.

This guide highlights 3 harsh realities of social media marketing for business and what to do about them.

Reality 1

No Matter How Awesome Your Content Is, Many People Won’t Pay Attention

Content creation consumes time. Even a short and simple tweet has to be carefully written before sharing it. Since digital marketers place a lot of emphasis on content because it is important for expanding your reach and it is good for SEO, one would think that good content would impress their online audience. However, this is not usually the case. You can spend the whole day creating a web course that you know will help your audience achieve their most challenging weight loss goals, and yet, sometimes, your audience will not give an impressive reaction.

If this happens, instead of focusing on those who are not acknowledging your awesome post, focus on those who are. Find out what they loved about the post and create more like that. Then for those who aren’t paying attention, try out different types of contents to see if they will like it. Just note that not everyone will like your content. Moreover, there are a lot of content services like Pro-Papers, which will help you to boost your content making it more engaging and useful.

Reality 2

Even If They Work For Other Businesses, Many Guaranteed Social Media Hacks Will Not Work For You.

You can read about social media hacks that are “guaranteed” to get you more audience, increase your reach, etc. While the tricks may actually work, what works for others may not work for you. Some of these tricks don’t even work for most businesses.

The smart way to handle this is to work on your ability to identify the social media tricks that will work for your brand. You have to get to know your brand and your audience better. Find out your brand voice, if it is clearly defined, if it is effective, where your audience love to hang out online, and where your potential customers love to hang out. Once you get this information, you will know which tactics work for you better.

Reality 3

You Can’t Make Your Content Go Viral

The truth is that no one has actually figured out how to make a content go viral, although there are many strategies you can use to improve your chances. Factors that determine if your post will go viral include what trending that day, the time you share the content, etc. Instead of trying to make your content go viral, create awesome content.


Social media marketing may be complicated, but it is great for business, so if you are consistent and stick to it, you will succeed.