Brits Prefer Going to the Uk Music Festival Instead of a Holiday Abroad

A music festival in the UK is a community-oriented event towards the live performance of singing that is often presented with a theme. One of the reasons why festivals provide an ethereal feeling to many is because of their design. The designers of these events have the ability to make a world that is not like everyday life.

Whether its playing new mobile slot games or using the new payment methods while travelling, young people in the UK are the first ones to follow these new trends. Keep reading to know why the music festival is so popular among the Brits.

The Popularity of Music Festivals

According to a new study, one in five music fans has admitted that they will happily drop their idea of going on an abroad trip for a music festival. There are various reasons for this change, such as increasing costs of trips, better summers in the UK and uncertainties around Brexit. And of those with a ticket to the UK music festival in 2020, three in ten say it is their main trip this year. Most of them opt for a holiday because it has everything that they want in one place.

Unique Experiences

Each individual music festival in the UK offers a unique experience. Organisers and designers of these events spend a massive amount of time planning and curating ideas that will give them a unique selling point. Due to this, individuals attend more than one music festival each year. Whether it’s an amazing glamping opportunity or a rain zorbing experience, each festival has something a little different way to be enjoyed.

These live events are no longer just about music, but about finding new ways to have fun and make memories. Whether it’s taking a yoga class or seeing a comedian, attendees can get all types of unique experiences in a single place. Festivals have become a cultural rite of passage and they continue to support a wide range of interests. As these entertainment hubs offer so much to do and see, Brits consider putting off a trip abroad in favour of some festival fun.

Top Reasons Millennials Opt for a Music Festival

The study of 2000 event-goers in the UK revealed that a fifth feel that festivals are a rite of passage, with almost half of them believing everyone should attend one at least once in a lifetime.

34 per cent think going to a music festival is a great way for young people to enhance their social skills and 31 per cent believe it can help in building confidence. Almost one in four also feel that festival is the perfect place to broaden your mind and almost one fifth find the live event offers more opportunities for discovery than any other cultural event. 25% also favour festivals for making memories with their loved ones.