Robin Van Persie Adds BK8 Brand Ambassador To His List Of Accomplishments

Robin Van Persie who is known to be one of the best strikers among his generation has now joined hands with BK8 and signed a partnership deal to make the BK8 gaming site more valuable. A contract for the partnership was signed between the genius and the most enthusiastic Robin Van Persie and the BK8 to start with the idea of making BK8 the number one gaming platform.

As Robin Van is an Arsenal and Manchester United Football Club’s genius, and a Dutch Legend, this partnership was signed to create a strong brand image of the BK8 by using Robin Van’s remarkable image set in front of the world and take steps forward in initiating the market share of BK8 in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Apart from these countries, the goal of the deal is to encourage more people or players to join and become a part of the BK8 gaming site.

All the marketing plans and campaigns of BK8 will be taken forward by Robin Van and due to this, his enthusiasm can be judged by his statement about his partnership deal with BK8. He says that he is thrilled and is looking forward to promoting the BK8 brand and encourages more players to join the platform and become a part of the amazing games. He also says that he is thrilled to become a brand ambassador for BK8 to promote their aim and their brand image in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. He is looking forward to becoming a part of BK8 and helps it to achieve its mission and goals.

Therefore, something great is coming this year as BK8 will be starting its journey to promote an influencing brand image through sponsorships and partner-shipping with Robin Persie. This idea will also successfully lead the marketing plan of BK8 and will spread awareness about its brand to a massive audience.

 The main idea and the goal that BK8 is looking forward to achieving is to encourage not only the existing members and players of BK8 but also to encourage and engage the sports players in the gaming industry of BK8. The General Manager of BK8, Lawrance Wayneson highly appreciated the partnership deal with Robin Persie and said that he is confident about this deal that will ensure to bring successful results. The plan is to make the BK8 gaming industry a massive platform for people to come and play the amazing and exclusive games on BK8.

BK8 has an affiliation with the sports games like futsal, and arrange a huge futsal tournament that was pretty influential and successful as well. Therefore, BK8 is planning to further continue these tournaments and include more games in the tournament to attract a massive audience and provide huge opportunities. This can be successfully done with the legendary Robin Van.

Further, the collaboration and the deal were looked forward by the Mediapro Asia who is also highly appreciating the new opportunities coming in due to the amazing partnership deal with the legend Robin Van.