SiriusXM Introduces New Aftermarket Radio – SiriusXM Tour – Featuring SiriusXM with 360L

SiriusXM today introduced its newest aftermarket radio – SiriusXM Tour – which can deliver subscribers the functionality of SiriusXM’s next generation platform, SiriusXM with 360L, in a portable unit that can be used in the car and at home.

Using SiriusXM with 360L functionality, SiriusXM Tour delivers content via both satellite and streaming, seamlessly switching between both. This gives listeners access to more than 300 live SiriusXM channels plus content from SiriusXM’s On Demand library, which offers more than 10,000 hours of archived shows, exclusive interviews and audio documentaries. SiriusXM Tour will also feature SiriusXM’s Personalized Stations Powered by Pandora, which employ Pandora’s unrivaled listener personalization technology and draw from SiriusXM’s music library to allow subscribers to create their own unique channels based on their favorite artists.

“SiriusXM with 360L is revolutionizing the way people listen to audio in the car, and with the all-new SiriusXM Tour plug and play radio new and existing subscribers will have the freedom to experience its benefits in the car and at home on an intuitive and user-friendly portable radio,” said Joe Verbrugge, SiriusXM’s EVP and Division President, Connected Vehicle.

Like all of SiriusXM’s dock and play radios, SiriusXM Tour is usable anywhere – in a vehicle, at home or in an office, and even outdoors – with available accessories. SiriusXM Tour can be connected to the Internet via WiFi connection in the home or mobile WiFi hotspot in the car.

Additional features available on the SiriusXM Tour include: channel navigating and tuning via voice commands; personalized “For You” recommendations that are based on listening history and preferences; SiriusXM’s 100+ Xtra Music Channels curated across genres and eras for any mood, occasion or activity; an enhanced sports play-by-play offering that makes it easier to find the favorite teams when it is game time and displays games in progress with scores; and the ability to receive software updates.

SiriusXM Tour is expected to be available in May at retail locations and stores nationwide including Best Buy and At launch, SiriusXM Tour can be purchased with a vehicle kit. Additional accessories will be available at retail locations and