At growing Fields of 2020 Web design and Web development are playing major Roles. This is a Profession on which most of the organizations and companies are depending on these days in their online presence. People with this skill are very high demanding these days. This is not the kind of trend that ends

There is something you must know in order to succeed in the profession. Whether you are getting started as a web designer or web developer or you are just locating a good profession for your career. If you hope to be successful in this industry you will need these key skills.

Following are the Skills you will be needing for your repertoire

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  5. SEO


Hypertext Markup Language is the basis of how a website is built. This is one of the most important things a web designer or web developer can learn, which is why you are one of the first things you will learn. Even if you plan to use WYSIWYG (which means what you see is what you get), or knowing CMS, HTML for most of your career will help you Understanding how those tools work and giving you so much control over yourself works. This knowledge will also ensure that if you need to work outside these editors, you have the ability to do so.

Today, the professional working on the web has a solid understanding of HTML. Even if they don’t use it in their usual tasks, they understand this basic markup language.


While HTML dictates the structure of sites, cascading style sheets handle their visual appearance. As such, CSS is another important tool that web designers, especially designers and front-end developers, must learn from Training Connection.

For many web professionals, CSS is learned along with HTML since both these languages are really a mix that forms the basis of the structure and style of any web page.

JavaScript and Ajax

JavaScript is one of the most important elements of a website, Developers should Expert JavaScript language before learning any other languages, especially how to create 3 layers of web design with HTML and CSS Talks

If you are a web designer and if you are not doing front-end development and more you don’t need to learn JavaScript, it is more than better to have a basic understanding of JavaScript. You should learn JavaScript because it plays a big role in many ​websites and web applications today.


You need to learn at least one or two programming languages to learn program webpages. PHP is easily the leader on the web today, partly because it is an open-source language that a strong community accepts. If you select only one language to learn, it should be PHP. How many resources you will find online for PHP will be very helpful to you.

You don’t need to learn the programming language IF you are a web designer “other than HTML, which is a markup language, and not considered as a pure programming language”. Web developers should learn at least one and the more you know, the more job and flexible you will be.

Want to make yourself extremely valuable? Look for languages that are still in demand, but which many are not following today. If you qualify in those languages, you will know that many career opportunities will not be available for this skill, but it is very difficult to fulfill those that are available, meaning you will be a premium asset.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is useful for anyone who creates a website. Many factors influence the site’s ranking in search engines, from the content of the site to its internal links, download speed and performance, and its mobile-friendliness. These are all factors that web designers should keep in mind and they know how to use a site to make it more attractive to engines and more accessible to users.

Both web designers and web developers will have to experiment again if they know the basics of SEO. Even if the strict application of this skill is left to marketing professionals, knowing the basics of SEO is a good feather in your hat.