Charli XCX Celebrates “Single Awareness Day” … (which really should be every day!)

Valentine’s Day may be over but if you’re still single – you do you! You can be your own date. You can have your own fun. Plan your own party. At least that’s the idea behind Bud Light’s campaign for Valentine’s Day – or, should we say, “Single Awareness Day?”

Bud Light partnered with recording artist Charli XCX to celebrate singles and what better way to celebrate your singlehood than by mocking modern dating trends? It’s a fun way to remember that being single can be, as Charli puts it, bad-ass. Although, Charli XCX is indeed herself a millennial, she like many of us know the trend of online dating continues to rise with no sign of slowing down. To keep the party going, Charli preformed in Toronto to a room full of lucky singles to show that music can bring people together to have a great time – even if you’re single on Valentine’s Day.

The video below features Charli XCX celebrating the fun of being single by playing a game of “Swipe Left or Right on Dating Trends.” Check out the full video at the linked photo below.