Alt. Southern Rockers IAN ABEL BAND Recall Big “20’s Magic” in New Single & Track That Started It All

Indie alt southern rock outfit from Los Angeles, the Ian Abel Band bring their big guitars, big drums, and even bigger hooks to create “20’s Magic” — their newest single, available now!

“This is the song that started it all,” namesake frontman, lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Ian Abel shares of the track. “We were toying with the notion of going into a studio to record five or six new songs, but we weren’t ready.

“In talking about it with Kenny, he threw out the idea of slowing it down and pre-producing everything in our lock-out space.

“I agreed pretty reluctantly, but thank God I did!”

Abel is referring to drummer Kenny Schwartz; the band also includes Westray Tackett and Karthik Suresh.

“The following Saturday, while nursing a wicked hangover, I got a call from him asking if I wanted to get together to lay down the first song,” Abel continues. “I begrudgingly threw some jeans on, grabbed my ax, stopped to get a 12 pack of beer, and meandered over to the spot.”

The spontaneous session would turn into a 13-hour musical marathon, and the results would reveal a selection of turn-loud tracks and ultimate door openers for the Los Angeles-based band. Previous releases include “Shoes,” “Outlaw” and “Walk Out.”

“That recording session became the spark for what would eventually lead us into United Recording Studios, a licensing deal with All Elite Wrestling, playing the Troubadour, and our music being played around the world,” Abel marvels in hindsight. “Kenny has often said that when we were at a crossroads, he decided to see this through because there was one song in particular that struck a chord with him.

“That song is ’20’s Magic.’”

“20’s Magic” is available now.