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The best online mobile Casinos that pay real cash in 2020 and beyond alright so, I’m going to be doing some more gameplay on the ignition, but I’ve been a member here for the last three-plus years to play a lot of the slots and the poker room where we’re going to get into it.

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If you have any questions as well about playing on here feel free to message me below, but this is real money. We’re about to do I’m going to be doing $2 bets and we’re going to do our thing here alright so like, I said down here you can see I’ve got about a thousand $86 if we don’t hit anything.

I’ll probably stop at about a thousand bucks, but I’m just hoping that we can hit that bonus game on here because it’s pretty cool and usually it pays out pretty big when you hit it so you know hopefully we can see that bonus game who thought we were going to get it there all right, so far we have hit nothing probably getting like 10 spins in here.

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It’s kind of like that kind of techno vibe to it come on cyberpunk give us some kind of went on here in Jesus. I thought we were in it well that was the first time we hit a dollar I throw down like 48dollars to start right here. We hit $75 right there I don’t even know how we did that but I’m not complaining all right, so that put us up a little bit, so it looks like our Luck’s turning around a little bit here.

If we just keep spinning I know working at that bonus game, I just feel it come on cyberpunk 50 Cent’s come on50 cents all right now we’re starting to get back into negative territory god what a thousand ninety that pay something dollar fifty men’s all right so other than that big $75 when we haven’t seen anything still hoping we get something nothing.

we keep getting the punk here like I said you have to get cyber and then Punk, but you know for whatever reason we just can’t hit that bonus game I’ve gotten so many spins and on here it’s like ridiculous like I paid nothing right they’re just like a little teaser come on now give me the bonus game.

if we get down to a thousand even I’ll probably just call it quits on here see what happens though we’re getting closer to it fifty cents Wow thank you so much for that fifty cents, If we just had one more right there that would have been huge that’d have been huge.

We got it all right so we got the bonus game it looks like all of that effort paid off now we’re down about a hundred bucks, so hopefully, we can get that money. If we get paid for our efforts we need to get more free spins so f