Canadian Jazz Pop Artist KATIE DITSCHUN Releases New Live Video of “HER” via YouTube

Alexandra, ON jazz pop artist Katie Ditschun cozied up with her piano this week to perform a stunning live rendition of “HER” — available now.

The video comes amidst the Ontario-based artist’s current album release and complimentary live virtual music lessons.

For those looking to optimize a rise in screen time by developing their sonic skill sets, the lessons are every Friday at 11:00 a.m. EST on Ditschun’s Facebook page; they are geared towards beginners and focus solely on singing — no instruments are required.

With a world reacting to the novel coronavirus outbreak, Ditschun is hoping both her at-home music lessons in a live, “social” setting — plus her newly released video for “HER” and single “Here We Are” — can offer respite for audience members navigating the world’s new circumstance from a place of increased isolation.

“There’s something about being in the moment when the music is all there is…” says the classically trained musician at both Berklee College of Music and the Royal Conservatory of Music, plus 2014 Independent Teacher Fellowship Award recipient. She holds over 20 years experience in teaching, and is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association. “For me, all life’s worries melt away and I’m left only concerned about what phrase comes next and letting the notes float out.

“It’s my hope that my online music lessons can offer even just a bit of that for others in this challenging time.”

Written and recorded last year, “long before we got to this place,” Ditschun says of the single, “Here We Are” is one of 10 via her debut LP, Spare Skirt.

“The song speaks to the feeling that there’s some distance between what your life is and how you thought it would turn out, who you thought you’d become, or where you thought you’d be,” she notes. “Now more than ever, we’re all finding ourselves with plans pushed aside, and wondering how do we go on like this, and for how long.

“Feeling the weight of our current reality, we need reminders that we’ll get through this together.”

“HER” is available now.