Why Should You Migrate from SharePoint on premise to SharePoint Online?

Microsoft SharePoint has practically shaped the way organizations collaborate within their establishments. With SharePoint Online in Office 365, communication and collaboration have attained unprecedented levels and scales. The service has transformed from a simple on-premises application into a comprehensive solution for collaboration, management of records and documents, and a system for managing portals and web content. It has helped countless businesses increase their productivity. The newer versions such as SharePoint Online cannot even be compared with the legacy versions that are incompatible with modern business requirements. Needless to say, SharePoint on premise to SharePoint Online migration has become a necessity for modern features.


Why Do Businesses Migrate to SharePoint Online?

Unlike the on-premises version, SharePoint Online is a Microsoft managed cloud solution that can still be used for creating intranet and websites for public use. Here are some other reasons for migrating to SharePoint Online.


Enterprise Security Solutions

Because SharePoint Online is managed by Microsoft, all users, regardless of their size, get enterprise-level security features to protect their confidential and sensitive data critical to their business. Your SharePoint data is stored in Microsoft’s data centers distributed around the globe and is protected by several layers of security. Additionally, it is backed up regularly so that the data is always available.


Zero/ Minimum Infrastructure Maintenance

Organizations spend massive sums of money on maintaining their infrastructure. SharePoint Migration to the cloud frees up resources and time for running core business operations. Microsoft teams manage the infrastructure for SharePoint so that your IT team can focus on other tasks such as user provisioning and profile management.


Always Updated 

The latest features, patches, and security updates are available to all SharePoint Online users as soon as Microsoft makes them available. In most cases, the latest features which are available on SharePoint Online are made accessible on SharePoint on-premises servers only in the next major release.


External User Access Management

Managing security issues while allowing users to access on-premises SharePoint is one of the major challenges of the legacy system. SharePoint Online has not only simplified this process but also made file sharing using SharePoint using the Services Management Portal for collaboration much simpler.


Benefit from Hybrid SharePoint Solution

Businesses can continue to use their On-premises server while transitioning to the cloud to take advantage of SharePoint Online. This solution is perfect for businesses that are worried about compliance challenges such as data breaches if they move to the cloud model. While the most confidential business data can still be kept within the organization, others can be moved to the cloud for greater scalability.


Improved Mobility

You do not have to be connected to the servers in your office with the LAN cables to access your SharePoint data anymore. You can work from anywhere, with any device to access SharePoint Online content. Employees can improve their productivity drastically when their organizations adopt SharePoint Online.


SharePoint Migration Assistance

As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent helps businesses with a smooth transition to SharePoint Online along with related solutions such as desktop as a serviceOur consultants are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.