3 Things About FanDuel

As of the moment, fantasy sports is becoming more and more renowned in the United States, and one of the most popular providers is FanDuel. After some thorough research, we found some interesting facts about them that are worth sharing to every fan or basically anyone interested in trying. 


Below are 3 things about FanDuel that most people probably aren’t aware of. Check this article to expand your knowledge about the platform.

1. FanDuel is ranked as the second largest fantasy sports provider in the U.S.

An interesting fact about the New York City company is that they are the second largest fantasy sports providers in the U.S. They are in second place next to DraftKings. They are doing well as a company, but weren’t able to catch up to the first major provider to come on the scene yet because they got their start a little later. The ranking was based on a comparison of the entry fees paid and the number of participants in the user base.

2. FanDuel was officially founded in the year 2009

On the 21st of July 2009, FanDuel became official. The company was established by five co-founders, namely Tom Griffiths, Rob Jones, Chris Stafford, Lesley Eccles, and Nigel Eccles. The sports betting company was a turning point from a news prediction site that used to be called Hubdub. The new company took more than a year to firmly stand on its own and be established to begin operations. In 2010, they held their first Fantasy Football Championship, which was the start of an enterprise that would blossom into something greater in a short period of time. They became a second option to other bettors next to DraftKings, which was the first company to offer fantasy football services. 

3. FanDuel and DraftKings got sued

The two fantasy sports giants were accused of engaging in practices that were considered to be deceptive and unfair by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office. The allegations claimed that they started doing these practices before 2016. Each of the companies settled the lawsuit, costing them a whole lot of cash. In the end, DraftKings and FanDuel each paid an equal amount of $1.3 million just to settle the matter. Even though the amount was a big deal, neither of the company suffered monetarily. The may be billion dollar businesses, but the damages made were not good for the reputations of either company.

Final Words

With FanDuel being one of the most popular platforms for playing daily fantasy sports online, you can play around a relatively wide variety of contest types on the famous sports leagues in the U.S. The platform offers contests for the NFL and college football, the NBA and college basketball, the MLB, and the NHL. You can play fantasy games for soccer (around the English Premier League), golf, tennis, and even NASCAR as well. It has become bigger over time, giving bettors more fun and entertainment along the way.