From Vancouver to L.A – 54-40’s NEIL OSBORNE and Daughter KANDLE Have The Folk/Blues As THE FAMILY CURSE

Driven by bluesman Niz and Baby Kiz — aka 54-40’s Neil Osborne and his daughter, singer/songwriter Kandle — modern day blues duo A Family Curse are out with their new self-titled album — available now!

Decidedly different from their respective artistic pursuits, Niz and Kiz’ approach to A Family Curse seizes firm hold of whatever emotional range, found sounds, or random instruments are within reach.

And people: it’s not uncommon to hear Osborne uncles, cousins and other honorary musician ‘adoptees’ chime in on the tracks, from the LP’s kickoff “Cast A Curse” to the release round out “Getaway Car.”

The result is bespoke musical mastery of the best variety — 10 tracks of pure folk-art best listened to, they urge, under the light of the Moon.