CORY HOTLINE’s Offers 1-833 Line For Release Of Funk, Pop, Rock and Disco’s “The Wheel”

Canada’s cosmic collision of funk, pop, rock, and disco spin together simultaneously in all that is Cory Hotline’s newest release, “The Wheel” — available now.

A whirlwind exploration of the self and the connection with others, “the song aims to unearth some of our innermost elements of wavering doubt, frustration, and responsibility,” the Toronto-based band that is Conor Brown, Jay Sussman, Matt Warry-Smith and Ben Miller says. “Personal growth, acknowledgement of the self, and taking responsibility for our true wants and needs is at the centre of this journey.”

Introspective moments aside, “The Wheel” lands as a dance disco dazzler not far off from what you’d expect — no, hope and be thrilled — to hear at a raucous rager in space. It lands ahead of the band’s forthcoming eponymous release.

And if you just need somewhere to talk about it, dial 1-833-HOT-CORY. “That’s 1-833-468-2679,” they repeat. “Yes, that’s a real number, and it’s FREE to call from anywhere or any time.”