Christmas Sweaters From Your Favourite Musicians

With it beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! has slowly been building its name curating the best Christmas jumpers. They even have curated jumpers for your favorite musicians. There were a few that stood out for us!

Abbey Road Beatles / Elf Christmas Sweater. This is modeled on the iconic cover of the fab four’s Abbey Road album. Instead, it adds a Christmas vibe with Santa’s four elves.

Another cool Beatles Christmas sweater to check out is this one below. It is influenced by the artwork of Help album blended with a snowy white Christmas vibe.

Away from the Beatles, but sticking to British bands from the 60s and 70s. We love this Rolling Stones Christmas sweater. It has the classic tongue and lips Stones logo with a knitted Fairisle effect. It will keep you warm throughout the cold winter months. And make you feel like the 5th member of the Rolling Stones!

These are a small sample of holiday sweaters on Christmas jumper club’s website. CJC has been scouring the web since 2017, looking for the best jumpers for you. Click here to find similar jumpers.