4 Ways How Right Music Makes Writing Easier For Students

Music is the pill for every disease and the power that helps get through tough times, restore energy, and boost creativity. After an exhaustive day in a college, it seems like nothing can help you reach an emotional balance. You just need to go back to your room, close the door, turn on your favorite song, close your eyes, and feel how the sound gives you chills.

Did you know that music eases the writing process too? Famous writers, including Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, used to listen to music while working on some of their novels. Metallica, the Beatles, jazz and blues bands are the background for wonderful books that these talented authors gave us.

As a student, you can buy papers from a college essay writing service, but you can also choose another way and try to cope with an assignment on your own. Keep reading our article to find out how music can help you write excellent academic papers and what to listen to while studying.

Why Should You Listen to Music While Writing?

Music can influence your emotions, change your worldview, and help you understand life at a deeper level. Besides, it eases the studying process because your favorite playlist can help you create something like a personal bulb and focus on a subject. So, here are a few reasons why you should press “Play” whenever you have to write an essay:

1.   Music helps you shape your writing style

Haruki Murakami started as a jazz bar owner, and he didn’t even think of writing a novel until he turned 29. But suddenly, the idea of writing a book crossed his mind, and he couldn’t let it go. He didn’t have a teacher who could explain to him even basic rules or secrets on writing, but he had a passion for music since he was a child. Murakami wondered whether it’s possible to transfer the melody into the world of words. It was the beginning of his writing career, and music was and still is its integral part. Music ultimately helped Haruki Murakami shape his style.

So, how can music help you form your writing style? According to Murakami, music and text have much in common, including rhythm, composition, harmony, improvisation, and culmination. If you choose the right playlist, you’ll notice how your text flow changes soon. Murakami adores jazz, so you can experiment and choose this music for writing. Chances are, jazz will help you structure your papers better, improve the arrangement of words, and form your writing style.

2.   Music inspires you

When writing an essay, you have to focus on a subject and dive into the world of the topic. However, it’s sometimes hard to complete this mission because students don’t have much time to dedicate to one task. They have to cope with a few assignments at a time, while professors expect to get flawless papers.

If you are stuck and you can’t even start writing an essay, you’ll benefit from listening to your favorite music. The right playlist will inspire you and even help you find new ideas. If you like to listen to music with lyrics, you should pay attention to the words. You can rewrite some catchy phrases to make them relevant to your topic.

3.   Music helps you focus

The inability to focus can be caused by different factors, including noisy roommates, academic pressure, a large number of other tasks, and sleepless nights. The right playlist can help you relax, reduce anxiety, and create a favorable atmosphere for writing. Many students prefer to listen to music without lyrics, but it’s Ok if you choose the background with words. It’s important to comfort yourself. Besides, it’s better to pick songs you already know because new tracks will draw your attention away from writing, and you’ll focus on music more than on your topic. You should also experiment with the volume of sound to find out which level works best for you.

4.   Music can improve memory

So, how does music affect learning? Researches found out that music brings an effect similar to meditation. In other words, it helps relax the brain and focus on a subject without paying attention to negative triggers. Music improves the human ability to process and memorize information. That’s why you should create a playlist that will successfully get you through this academic year.

Bottom Line

Music is the most wonderful thing humanity has ever invented. It not only brings us aesthetic delight but also helps us improve writing, awaken the inner Muse, focus on a subject, and enhance memory. So, if you have to write an essay, don’t forget to choose the best music for creativity.

Amanda Dudley is passionate about teaching and writing. She got a Pg.D. in History at Stanford University in 2001. Amanda always strived to teach and help students, and that’s why she decided to become a lecturer at the university. She also works as an essay writer at EssayUSA to share her experience in the field and spread her knowledge.