5 Signs of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc plays a role in the synthesis of body cells and it also helps in boosting people’s immunity. Many studies have shown that zinc plays a role in replacing irons lost during diarrhea and it also helps to prevent the formation of watery stool.  zinc supplement is essential in promoting cell growth and stopping watery stool in many people. Tihe deficiency of zinc in the body is very dangerous because your immune system may be compromised, and you may also start passing watery stool which is a precipitator of dehydration.

Unexplained Weight Loss

When you don’t have sufficient zinc, the body cannot regenerate more cells. For one to add weight, the organs must increase in size and weight, and to do that, more cells need to be produced. This explains why people deficient in zinc tend to always reduce weight and cannot find the cause for that weight loss. You can have your zinc levels measured so that you know what is causing your weight loss.

Frequent Infections

When zinc levels are below level in your body, cells of the immune system are not well multiplied. The  immune function is therefore compromised so you end up getting frequent infections. The zinc element is essential in the improvement of immune cells and ensuring you have the best immune response whenever the system detects an invading antigen. You will need to take zinc supplements if you realize that your zinc levels are below normal and you are getting frequent infections.

Wounds That Take Time to Heal

Wounds require tissue regeneration for them to heal and close. Without proper cell production and maturity, the tissue cannot regrow to make the wound heal. As a result, you need to make sure you go for the zinc supplements that will boost cell division, multiplication, and maturation. Wounds that don’t easily heal are also common in diabetic people so get your zinc levels checked and the level of blood sugar as well.

Open Sores on the Skin

When cells are not regenerating, the skin becomes weaker due to insufficient cells. The skin breaks easily since the epidermis is not that strong. As a result, open sores appear on the surface of the skin. If not well-taken care of, they turn into large wounds that make it difficult to treat. Taking zinc supplements can help to cure the sores and make you enjoy excellent skin health.

Prevention of Diarrhea

Zinc sulfate is the compound that is prescribed by many doctors to ensure it replaces the lost minerals during diarrhea. This means when one has plenty of it, even passing loose stool is not common to him or her. Zinc plays a role in promoting absorption of the water inside the intestinal lumen so that watery stool doesn’t form inside. Supplements help in ensuring there is a maximum replacement of the lost minerals during diarrhea so that your body doesn’t remain weak. All you will need to do is to eat energy giving foods.


Zinc is needed by the body for many functions. Besides its role in promoting sexual health and reproductive health, zinc is known to promote even the growth of strong teeth and bones. Without zinc in your body, the immune system becomes weak making you vulnerable to infections. Make sure you always try to get the supplements. Even when you get the supplements, consider eating a balanced diet so that you boost the vitamins in your body. Vitamins also boost immunity and improve the strength of your connective tissues. Combining vitamins and zinc makes you have a strong immune system and also reduces the process of aging.