Now playing: New Music from Nest Audio Sessions

With hundreds of thousands of songs being released every week, I’m happy when a company I trust develops new technology to help me wade through the best music. Google has done exactly that, AND created a cool playlist, too. This is why I’m so excited about something new that’s coming to Google Nest Audio. They teamed up with nine female artists from all over the world and asked them to record tracks at home exclusively for an album we’re calling Nest Audio Sessions. Some of the artists are debuting entirely new tracks while others are giving existing songs a new spin.

Nest Audio Sessions features Ella Mai, Jessie Reyez, Mabel, Shizuku (Polkadot Stingray), BENEE, Tove Lo, Lola Indigo, Joy Denalane and Louane. All you have to do is say “Hey Google, play Nest Audio Sessions on YouTube Music” to hear the full compilation from all nine artists.

“It felt pretty awesome being a part of this collection of female artists featured on Nest Audio Sessions,” said BENEE. “The Nest Audio speaker will definitely be the way to listen to music this holiday season. Having a really good speaker just means getting great sound. You get great bass and it picks up everything you want to hear.”

You can access Nest Audio Sessions from any Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker or display, but the album is truly made for the new Nest Audio, which is 75 percent louder, has 50 percent stronger bass than the original Google Home. It is also powered by Google Assistant, so you can request specific songs, adjust the volume, and even move music from one device to another using just your voice. Nest Audio has full, clear, natural sound—it’s music how it is meant to be heard. Plus, Nest Audio comes with three months of YouTube Premium for free, and right now, you get $30 off when you buy two Nest Audio devices, so you can pair them for stereo sound. And when you think about it, enjoying high quality audio so you can listen to songs crafted in artists’ own homes is sort of perfect.

But however you listen, check out Nest Audio Sessions. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new soundtrack.

*Fun disclaimer, I got a free one from the fine folks at Google, but if you know me, I would have bought one, anyway.