Toronto’s Indietronica Rocker, Songwriter & Actor OLIVER PIGOTT Delivers End of 2020 with Aerosmith’s “Dream On” Cover

Canadian indietronica rocker Oliver Pigott delivers his frenetic, uncompromising and undeniably welcome take on Aerosmith’s 1973 ever-classic, “Dream On” — available now.

“Here we were, my wife, kids and I, in a charming small town across the border in the US riding out the next wave of 2020,” Pigott recalls of the cover’s earliest inspiration. “We were in a basement playing music with a few new friends and strangers when, that night, we met a man who suffers from amnesia; he came down to listen to us jam.

“Apparently, he had been a musician himself before his near-fatal car accident,” the Toronto-based singer/songwriter, musician, and actor continues. “As I played a few arpeggios over a D minor chord, he began to half mumble/half sing ‘Dream On.’ ‘You know it?’ He asked me, and of course I replied. He nodded and looked through me with piercing eyes; ‘great song, man.’”

As the night wore on, the man ultimately forgot that moment as well as who Pigott was. “Yet, we both knew the song would live on. Once I was back home, I began to dream of covering it in the studio and producing it with dramatic, orchestral-like instrumentation throughout.”

The process of recording the biting ballad would soon prove to create a journey all its own. “My wife recorded the piano track on a beautiful grand piano in our friend’s home,” Pigott shares of Danka Pigott. “Her take sped up significantly over the course of the song, but it was full of feeling so we made the choice to keep it.

“I had the same approach to my vocals; I recorded that night, and decided to keep everything that came out of me on the first take. Too much music is auto-tuned and set to a click, and I wanted to make a departure from that.

“I wanted to trust the moment.

“With my twin boys in the other room as I sang, I could not help but feel the weight of the lyrics. This song has always spoken to me and I wanted to create something that captured my feelings about 2020 as well as what I imagine a lot of people have grappled with over the course of this volatile year.”

When it comes to the music video, Danka handily contributed there as well, directing and filming the stunning visual accompaniment; “Dream On” isn’t the first creative collaboration for the two — they appear together as Americana/folk duo LambLion as well.

On a cliff at dusk, overlooking tumultuous waves giving the shores of Lake Erie a piece of their mind, the entire video was captured in one take, with the partners once again ‘trusting the moment’ in its entirety.

“The two of us followed each other’s instincts and let the performance and camera angles unfold in real time,” Danka shares of the powerful dream-like sequence that evokes states of anguish and passion.

“And melancholy,” Pigott adds. “It’s where the struggle for freedom and the yearning for truth is unyielding.

“My wife always says ‘your art is your politics’ and, with this cover, that may well be the case.”