Understanding the Ante and Blinds in the Poker Game

Ante and blinds are best forms often used in the various poker variants. The bets are mandatory to be wagered before the game begins. Hence, they are also known as forced bets. However, if you want to play at a reliable casino, read this tsars casino review to know what you should look for.

Let’s get a deep understanding of the Ante and Blinds in the poker game below.


Before the game begins, each player at the poker table has to place an amount of bet to form the pot. The amount placed by all the punters is in equal proportion. This is mainly proposed to increase the hand value. This way players will play the hand rather than folding it. 

Furthermore, the ante amount is generally small. So once players are done placing the ante, the poker game begins. 

Generally, the ante bets are equipped in the draw poker and stud games. Additionally, stud games also come with bring-in bets. The bring-in bet is designed to remain greater than the ante. However, they are smaller than the small bets. For instance, if the ante is €1 and the small bet is €5, the bring-in bet is €2. 


Blinds are another type of forced bet which are placed before the cards are dealt to the players. Since the players have not seen their respective cards and have blindly placed the bet, this particular wager is termed as ‘Blinds’.

There are generally two types of blinds- small and big- depending on the amount of the bet. This amount is decided before the game begins. 

Moreover, they are placed by two players sitting left to the dealer button. After the first two players are done placing their bets, the dealer button again moves to the next players. This is done to provide all players, present at the table, a chance to place the blind bets. The dealer button moves in a clockwise direction.

Small Blinds: Small blinds are placed by the punter sitting immediate left to the dealer button. It is usually half of the entire bet meant for that round. 

Big Blinds: These are now placed by the second player sitting left to the first player. Big blinds are the entire bet amounts which were decided before the game begins.

After the bets are placed, the cards are dealt to the punters. Now, the punter sitting next to the player who placed the big blinds begins the game. This player can either fold, call or raise the bet keeping in line with the big blind’s bet.

General Outcomes on the Bet Size of the Poker Games

The outcome of the ante on the game’s bet size is nil. So, it is considered as a dead amount which basically only increases the overall size of the pot. 

However, the blinds directly influence the size of the bet. Suppose if the small blinds are €10 and the big blinds are €20. So, the next player playing after the big blinds are placed, should call and place the same bet of €20. Or, he/she can raise the bet to €40.