Easy Songs to Play with the Ukulele

Playing the ukulele is not as hard as it seems. This musical instrument is beginner-friendly, meaning that you can start learning at any time or any age!

If you have held a ukulele before, you likely know how easy it is to carry them. Although playing ukulele chords may take you a few minutes, you’ll be playing songs before you realize.

Today we’ll be presenting to you some of the easiest songs you can play with the ukulele. Of course, you’ll have to learn the different ukulele chord variations first, but these songs make the job straightforward for you.

Most of the songs we considered for this list contain easy ukulele chords, so don’t worry about getting lost. However, please note we recommend learning how to read chord charts first before starting the songs. Doing so will make the process a lot more straightforward.

That being said, let’s begin by telling you what songs you can play with the ukulele for beginners!

“22” by Taylor Swift

“22” by singer and songwriter Taylor Swift is extremely easy to learn. It is first on our list because it only uses three notes, meaning that you can learn how to play it in a few moments.

The order is as follows: G – D – C – D. Did you think there was more? That is all. It didn’t take Taylor too much to make of “22” a hit song!

This song is part of Swift’s album Red, which marks a departure from her traditional country sound and incorporates a lot more pop into her music. You can guide yourself better by listening to the song.

“Someone Like You” by Adele

This song by the hit-maker Adele is hugely popular. We doubt you haven’t heard it! This is one of the best ukulele beginner songs you can learn, especially if you’re into sad songs.

Similar to the previous option, this one isn’t complicated to learn either.

The order is as follows for most of the song, except the pre-chorus: G – D – Em – C.

For the pre-chorus, you’ll need to play: D – C – D – C – D.

Although there is a bit of variation here, we doubt you’ll get lost. Listen to the song once, and then try to play it!

“With or Without You” by U2

The famous band U2 has delivered some hits throughout the years, so you probably know about this one (if you don’t live under a rock).

The Irish band used this chord progression for the hit song: C – G – Am – F.

It would be best if you strummed the chords four times each, downwards.

“With or Without You” is a beautiful song, and it’s hugely easy to learn for those who are just getting started into the ukulele world. Watch a detailed tutorial here.

Playing the ukulele is not challenging!

All the songs mentioned above have something in common: they use almost identical and short ukulele chord variations. Therefore, it will only take you a few minutes to learn to play each one. Don’t start buying ukulele accessories just yet. Wait until you can play some more songs!