Why social poker is so popular

Poker is an international, multi-billion-dollar industry that is only getting bigger. From the world renowned, televised tournaments in which huge jackpots are up for grabs, to smaller games between friends for a few spare coins, it all adds up to a hefty amount of money. Loads of different websites offer players the chance to rise up the ranks and play for more cash and bigger prizes.

All this could lead you to believe that poker is only worth playing if money is involved. That is not true. Outside of the games that play for cash prizes there is a lively social poker scene. In a nutshell, social poker is played for competitive fun and there is no money staked by players. It is a huge industry in itself with hundreds of different operators adding the game to its library over the past decade. It is also possible to play it in person, as long as there is no prize pot.

One reason why social poker is so popular is its ability to offer new players a risk-free experience during their first time playing. Even the best poker players on the planet had to start somewhere. Social poker provides the chance for novices, so players can search pa online poker and learn the ropes without the risk of having to stake their own money as players may be put off if in their inaugural match they are out of the running early on. If this happens in social poker, at least they haven’t lost any real cash.


Social poker is also popular as it can be used to convince first time players to give the game a go. Unfortunately, poker and iGaming in general still carry a slight stigma that could put some of your friends off trying it out. However, without the pressure of having to stake their own money, those who are cautious of trying poker out could much more easily be persuaded to give it a go. Once they get that first taste, they are sure to want to keep playing with their friends.

Social poker can also play a key learning role for intermediate players interested in playing new variants of the game. Someone could be the best Texas Hold’em player on the planet but have absolutely zero experience in other forms. This is where social poker comes in, as it offers players a chance to learn stud poker, H.O.R.S.E. and many more without the anxiety of losing their own money looming large.

As well as giving players opportunities to learn, social poker is also popular thanks to the more laid-back atmosphere it offers. We all know that playing for even a small amount of money can make poker a rather intense affair. For those looking for a more chilled hobby, social poker is ideal. The operators that host social poker often encourage players to chat along during the game. In this way, it can also be a great way to meet likeminded people online.