Non-Traditional Mens Wedding Bands

Gold, Silver, and Platinum are without a doubt the three most popular metals in jewelry production, specifically when it comes to men’s wedding bands. With social recognition, durability, and a stable market value, the big three aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  While some will stick with these traditional choices, there is an ever growing avant-garde list of materials for the non-traditional men’s wedding bands. The selection is vast and ranges from ultra light, ultra strong, obscure elements from the world of auto racing, dinosaur bones, and meteorite shards which have been flying around the universe for billions of years.

Obscure elements like titanium, carbon, and tungsten have always been associated with the high end automotive world. Lighter, stronger materials are engineered into exhaust construction, monocoque chassis, and engine blocks. The high strength and low mass attributes are perfect for jewelry construction in the same way. With a rise in popularity using these metals in time piece construction, the door was wide open for rings. Mens wedding bands are going to get banged around. The stronger the construction, the lighter it wears on the finger, the longer it will stay on and not be cast aside as an annoyance.

Dinosaur bones and fossils are a rising star in the world of non traditional mens wedding bands. While metals like gold have existed on the earth for 3 billion years, and dinosaur bones or gem bones have only existed for 150 million years, there is something fascinating about utilizing a material from an extinct creature that existed long before any inkling of humanity. A certain masculinity goes along with hunting, bones, and fossils, these dinosaur bone rings are one type of jewelry that relishes in that more than others.

Why simply set your sights only on elements found on our planet, there is a whole universe out there. The use of meteorites in jewelry production is a practice which has been in place for thousands of years. Recently, watch companies have began to take advantage of the unique patterns and visual presence in dial construction, mens wedding bands would soon follow. The meteorite element is easily meshed with other metals in construction, and offers an undeniable cool factor and story. The downside, this material can be prone to rust and does require more care and maintenance here on earth than in the vacuum of space.

Whether it’s elements from deep inside the periodic table, bones exhumed from deep inside the earth, or giant rocks slamming into earth from deep space, the non traditional category of mens wedding bands is there to match the creativity and intrigue of the wearer.