How Could Ford Fiesta be the Most Popular Sedan in the Past? But Why was it Discontinued?

Ford Fiesta is predicted to be the best hatchback. One of the reasons is because this car has advanced and complete features that you don’t find in other hatchback cars. Besides, this car is famous for its engine technology, namely the Ecoboost, which is claimed to be able to save fuel by up to 20%.

The Ford Fiesta brings a sporty car concept and powerful engine performance. This is what Ford is trying to maintain by adding new nuances that make this car even more special. In Indonesia, this car has won several titles such as Car of the Year and Best Compact Hatchback in 2010.

Hare is some reasons why Ford Fiesta became the most popular sedan.

  1. Exterior Design

This amazing hatchback immediately appears with a typical American car body design. American-style cars have become something new, especially in Asia, which are more familiar with hatchbacks from Japan or Europe. However, the Ford Fiesta has managed to become the centre of attention with its design.

This car has an aggressive design. You can see it from the headlamp which has a sharp design with multi-reflector technology. The front grille is designed with a protruding shape which shows a sporty impression. The horizontal chrome accents on the grill also bring out the luxury.

  1. Interior Design

The Ford Fiesta comes with a variety of classy interior features like other cars from Ford. You can see from the dashboard design. This car carries a dashboard concept which is dominated by an elegant black colour using quality materials.

The dashboard is equipped with a SYNC panel, multimedia, air conditioning, and a panel for security. The steering wheel on the New Fiesta is designed with a minimalist design and is comfortable in the hand.

  1. Features

The safety feature is one of the reasons why this car is one of the popular hatchbacks. To provide driving comfort, it has been equipped with safety and security features that comply with international standards. There is a Hill Launch Assist feature which functions to control the vehicle when on an uphill road. Another incredible feature on the Ford Fiesta, namely EBS (Electronic Brake Assist), Dual Airbags, Electronic Stability Control, and Electronic Power-Assist Steering, Keyless Vehicle, Child Door Lock, etc.

These security features make you unable to refuse to buy this car. Almost all of these features are part of the specifications of the Ford Fiesta, which can be found in all types. Only a few different features, for example, the Electronic Automatic Temperature Control feature which is only available on the New Fiesta Sport.

  1. Colours 

The colours of the Ford Fiesta 2020 are:

  • White Arctic
  • Red Vermont
  • California Blue
  • Black Bristol
  • Red Arizona
  • Silver Dublin
  1. Motorization
  • Transmission: Manual / Automatic
  • 1.6 Sigma Engine
  • Maximum net power: 125 HP at 6500 rpm (g) and 128 HP at 6500 rpm (E)
  • Maximum net torque: 155 Nm at 4250 rpm (g) and 157 Nm at 5000 rpm (E)

Why was it Discontinued?

Ford began to see the boredom of the American small car market. American citizens are more interested in owning large cars such as SUVs and crossovers. As a result, like it or not, Ford finally had to stop Fiesta production because its sales had decreased from year to year.

However, Ford still produces this car in other countries because the market is still good enough for the Fiesta. For example, in Europe, the production of the Ford Fiesta car continues, and now Ford has presented the latest generation of the Fiesta.