Bingo & Music: The Unlikely Allies Helping One Another

Sometimes, combinations go together seamlessly. Whether it’s salt and pepper or fries and ketchup, you can’t imagine one without the other. Bingo and music are now on the list, although they might appear to be unlikely allies. This is because the more popular types of music are usually upbeat and aimed at younger demographics, whereas the game of bingo has a perceived demographic that includes seniors.

However, the reality is that the consumers of bingo are getting younger, leading to a new variation of the pastime that is pretty hard to recognize compared to the one that took over the UK in the 1950s and 60s. How do they push their industries forward while doing each other favors? Keep reading to find out more.

Source: Pexels

Music Adds to Bingo’s Atmosphere

The atmosphere has always been important to bingo, which is why halls and function rooms utilized background music and other social features to appeal to players. But as the game moved online, it had to think of ways to create an authentic gaming experience without taking away from the game’s foundations.

Music is the tool it relies upon heavily as songs help to replicate what players are used to. Deal or No Deal Bingo is a prime example since audiences are used to the noises from the TV show. Of course, they can also add extra excitement and tension to the gameplay. For example, sound effects signify victories, which instantly boost the anticipation.

This applies to offerings you wouldn’t expect to benefit from music, such as scratch cards. Standard scratch cards are incredibly simple and effective, so it’s hard to see how they can be enhanced. However, online scratchcards with Betfair highlight how the online versions use a wide variety of themes to make them more interesting. Players still get the quick hit they want, yet they get the added excitement of sound effects to accompany the experience.

Artists Are Referencing Bingo in Their Songs

Bingo has been heavily involved in popular culture for a while. Often seen in films and TV shows, it’s not uncommon to see some of the world’s biggest artists refer to the game, such as Christophe Waltz in Quentin Tarantino’s critically-acclaimed Inglorious Basterds. “That’s a bingo!”


However, the relationship between music and bingo appears to show an inevitable connection between the two. The latest example is Nicole Scherzinger’s new track, “She’s BINGO”. Featuring Luis Fonsi another major music artist, Hello Magazine points out how the song pays homage to the historic game in the same way Ottawan’s iconic track does for disco. If Scherzinger is using the game to her advantage, it won’t be long before more stars establish a link between themselves and bingo.

Of course, it’s a logical career move due to the rise of bingo bars and modern halls that have revolutionized the game. Today, players are as likely to hear the latest pop artists while trying to secure a line or a house as they are anything else, as shown by Viator’s bingo crawl events. Therefore, it’s smart marketing.

Music and bingo were once two separate entities. They still are because one doesn’t rely on the other. However, they are weaker if they don’t have the references and fluid audiences propping them up.