Rolex: A Timeless Piece Of Luxury

Rolex is a world-famous Swiss luxury watch manufacturing company that is originally based in Geneva, Switzerland. In its initial days, this company was originally founded by the name of Wilsdorf and Davis by two people named Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London, in the year 1905. Later in the year 1908, Rolex was registered as a brand, and its name became Rolex watch co. Ltd in the year 1915.

The headquarters of the company was previously located elsewhere, but after World War 1, they were forced to shift the headquarters and the base of their operations to Geneva because of the unfavourable economic condition and social condition in Britain. The name of this company has been changed multiple times by the owners, but finally, in modern times, it stands as “Rolex SA”. Since the year 1960 till now, this watch manufacturing company has been owned by a private family trust called the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation.

Rolex has been one of the best watch manufacturing companies in the luxury market and stands out for its explicit designs and innovative innovations. In the year 2018, Rolex was ranked as the world’s 71st most valuable brand by Forbes. The data record of 2019 shows us that as of that time, among the world’s most expensive ten luxury watches which were sold in the auction, three were Rolex.

The Rolex Institute

Rolex, as a brand, has created the Rolex Institute for a specific purpose. The purpose was to support and help specific kinds of people or events which stand in line with the brand values. The entire Idea was incorporated through two distinct programs designed by the company. The first program is known as the Rolex awards, which is specifically designed for the enterprise. This is a very which was first started in the year 1976 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the oyster watch. This award is specially designed to appreciate enterprising individuals from all across the world who initiate different kinds of projects making the world a better place. Winners of this award receive a cash prize along with exclusive media coverage.

The second program is known as the Rolex Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative. This event happens to be a biennial philanthropic program that was first launched in the year 2002. The main aim of this program is to bring together extremely talented and gifted young artists face to face with globally recognised Masters in various different fields like music, dance, film, literature, architecture, visual arts and theatre. This program enables beautiful creative collaborations between different talents as a result of which new inventions are made every year.

History of Watchmaking by Rolex

It is believed that wearing a Rolex watch makes a person open to multiple possibilities and unlimited experimentation experiences. The entire journey of Rolex as a brand began when its founder Hans Wilsdorf had designed and made a waterproof wristwatch which was called the oyster due to its waterproof nature. With time the brand designed and developed multiple beautiful, fascinating pieces, which slowly turned out to be the incredible icons of watchmaking. In the present time, Rolex watches can be found in the arms of different people from different backgrounds, which include people who are artists, athletes and visionaries who can travel with these watches high up on the mountains as well as deep down into the oceans. These watches are made for every person, every situation and every possibility.

The most fascinating part of owning a Rolex watch is that it is truly going to last forever and be a part of oneself throughout his lifetime. the incredible and dedicated watchmakers, designers and engineers have transferred their skill and knowledge precisely into each and every Rolex watch which makes it a unique possession of pride and culture.

What goes behind making Rolex watches?

The watchmakers at Rolex believe that materials are the most essential part of their watchmaking as it determines the durability of the watch, the look of the watch and also the final impression that the watch makes in the market. Different types of precious materials like precious metals, stainless steel, ceramics, mother of Pearl and precious stones are used to make all of these timeless watches.

Each and every little part of a Rolex watch is equally important, and special care is taken to develop and design each part of every watch. a team of experts select the materials which go behind making every single part of every Rolex watch, and the material selection is never compromised. Every watch is designed and developed by a team of extremely talented and skilled professionals who make sure that these watches become a timeless piece of luxury for anybody who owns them. Once a watch is made, every part of it is re-evaluated by another team of experts to guarantee that the watch is giving a hundred per cent performance and has pure Rolex aesthetics.

What’s new?

Something new and fantastic is the Rolex explorer ii rubber strap. This rubber strap is known to be a Vulcanized rubber strap that has been specifically designed and engineered for the new Rolex Explorer II. This unique strap is known to utilize “Blocked Integration” engineering, which uses flawless Technology to incorporate solid inserts for a motionless and flawless flush mount. Some of its interesting features are mentioned below:-

  • Rolex explorer ii rubber strap Is known to feature the rubber B signature ”T” design.
  • This rubber strap is known to be made in Switzerland and is made up of pure vulcanised rubber. The Making process does not involve any kind of blends, bonding or coating.
  • This Rolex explorer ii rubber strap is known to be absolutely pure, which meets the FDA and BVGG specifications. This means that the rubber strap is non-allergen, non-toxic and non-marking.
  • Another very unique and interesting feature about the Rolex explorer ii rubber strap is that It is made for all wrist sizes and fits any size between XXS to XL.
  • The strap of this watch is known to directly mount to the clasp pin to facilitate maximum adjustability.


Rolex as a brand has been the pioneer of watchmaking since ages and still continues to fascinate us with all its latest technologies, designs and innovations. Owning a Rolex will remain to be a symbol of prestige for generations to come.