New Jersey-Based Pop Artist ALEX SU Showcases the Rise & Fall of Love in New Single, “Jenga”

Pop artist Alex Su stacks the building blocks of love with this, his new single “Jenga” — available now.

Drawing some 2012 The Weeknd vibes, the New Jersey-based Su takes audiences on a honeyed journey through the shaky ups and downs of a scenario many have been through: Deep in love, lacking control, carefully investing and building in a relationship… All just to see our efforts, heart, and ego tumble to the ground.

Love can be a playful yet dangerous game and, as the title provides in a clear, almost rough-hewn metaphor, Jenga (the game) is an obsessive and artful combination in concentration, soft movement, careful motions, and general unease. Not to mention, it often ends in a shocking, free-fall of disappointment.

“I love the game of Jenga and, one night, I found similarities between the game and toxic relationships,” he shares. “You keep pulling and hurting each other until the whole thing crumbles down.”

At three-minutes-fifteen-seconds in length, this achy single reminds listeners that love, too, can be an unpleasant yet invigorating game of building and breaking, all its own. On “Jenga” (the song), Alex Su provides an aesthetic that, over the course of the perfectly planned pop tune, makes the listener feel the bobbing, up and down sensation we sometimes find in many early relationships.

“Stop the rollercoaster escalator, I’m too scared of riding off into a life without you,” Su groans, before ‘So the Jenga pieces fall’ in full audio as Su infused a subtle, yet dreamy reversed sound of an actual Jenga tower falling into the song’s intro.

Su, whose “Jenga” lyrical video showcases both stacked and individual wooden Jenga blocks engulfed in flames, ultimately finds himself admitting that “nobody really wins.”