Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna Launches Tees4Togo TV Web Serie

Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill‘s Tees4Togo is a star-studded line of T-shirts designed by — and portraying designs of — Hanna and her friends. Today, Hanna has released the second episode of her brand new TEES 4 TOGO TV Web Series in which she interviews artist and musician Adee Roberson (New Bloods, Tropic Green). The series focuses on the artists, musicians, actors, activists and comedians who are a part of Hanna’s t-shirt line Tees4Togo.

Each $40 shirt is cozy, colorful, sweatshop-free. 100% of the profits go to Peace Sisters, a Pasadena-based non-profit that financially assists to fund local girls’ school annual tuition costs (including books), id cards, menstrual products, solar lights and health care in Dapaong, Togo West Africa, the hometown of current Pasadena resident and Peace Sisters founder, Tina Kampor.

Tees4Togo is consistent with Hanna’s renowned feminist and DIY philosophies. Through it all, Hanna has worked to address and facilitate conversations around inclusivity, equal opportunity, sexism, and breaking societal expectations. “We’re not gonna have equality in the world if we don’t hear African women’s voices,” Hanna says. “And we’re not gonna hear women’s voices if they have no education. Another part of this is Trump saying Africa is a shithole. How can I respond to that as a citizen? How can I do something positive in light of that? I found an organization run by somebody who grew up in West Africa, who flies money back to the school every year, and has already been doing it for 15 years. This is my opportunity to be an ally to her already successful project.”

Kampor brought three things to the girls in Togo on her recent April 2018 trip: money for girls’ tuition, solar lamps, and her own vivacious spirit. With Tees4Togo, Hanna hopes to continue Kampor’s work by giving West African girls an opportunity for education, which, she argues, is more vital than ever today. Tees4Togo is just the beginning. Hanna says: “Eventually the dream is to send all the girls to college, and help with housing needs, which may start happening as early as this November, depending on how many shirts I can sell!”