Singer/Songwriter Gabriella Verdugo Is Out to “Finish Strong” with New Single

Canadian pop singer/songwriter Gabriella Verdugo embraces living life to its fullest with the release of this, her new single “Finish Strong” — available now.

Produced by Grammy-nominated and multi-award winning producer Roy Hamilton III, the song is inspiring, radiant, and refreshingly reflective.

It also weaves neatly with the Milton, Ontario-based multi-talented artist’s musical passion to help others thrive.

Where the acoustic guitar forms the threading melody of the track, and Verdugo’s soprano vocal delivery keeps the track trendy and light, the track’s lyrics play like a deeply personal letter informing listeners that life is worth living.

“‘Finish Strong’ was written during a low point in my life,” Verdugo shares. “I felt alone, scared, and confused. During that time, music is what helped me through it. Listening to different artists and their songs touched me, in a way, and helped me to not feel alone.

“Music is my outlet, and always has been,” she continues. “I want to do the same for other people, and to inspire them and help them to believe in themselves. I wanted to write something that anybody could relate to no matter the circumstance.

“I wrote ‘Finish Strong’ in the hope that it would help to uplift others — give them hope, give them a sense of support, and give them a sense of belonging, so they wouldn’t feel alone.”

“Finish Strong” is available now.