3 Big Tips for Buying Hockey Tickets

By Mitch Rice

Did you know that forms of hockey can be traced back 4,000 years to Egypt? It’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular sports out there, and why tickets are in demand.

For starters, hockey tickets give you the opportunity to watch an exciting, competitive game up close. Joining the roaring crowds is vastly different from watching the game on TV.

However, attending hockey games adds up. You get fond memories, but you also make a dent in your wallet, since some hockey tickets cost hundreds of dollars. Luckily, there are ways to cheer for your favorite team, without breaking the bank.

In this article, we have a few tips for buying hockey tickets. Keep reading to learn more about tips and tricks for saving money while watching this awesome sport!

  1. Weeknight Tickets Provide Greater Savings

Most people buy tickets for a Friday or weekend game. These fans use hockey as a way to relax after a busy workweek.

Ticket sellers know about this trend. They will charge higher prices for weekend games to capitalize on peak demand.

Not everyone likes the idea of a weeknight game. You’ll come to the next day of work feeling tired. However, these tickets provide the greatest savings.

Fans looking to save money should prioritize Tuesday and Thursday games. Wednesday games can command high prices due to fewer games and Rivalry Night. Monday tickets tend to cost more than Tuesday and Thursday tickets.

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  1. Buy Tickets the Week Before

Preseason ticket holders get the same seats and clarity over their hockey schedule. Many ardent hockey fans mistakenly buy their tickets in advance to lock in games.

Most sports games do not sell out. Games that sell out will not sell out right away.

As game day approaches, ticket prices decline. Ticket sellers would rather take a 50% loss than a complete loss on the ticket.

You won’t get front-row seats, but you will be a part of the action. Some hockey fans care less about their seats. They’d rather walk around in the stadium and see the game from different angles.

Tickets drastically drop in value the week before a game. This approach adds spontaneity to your hockey games.

  1. Pay Attention to the Opponents

Hockey teams devise plans around their opponents. As a ticket buyer, you must also plan around incoming opponents.

Rivalries and top-performing visiting teams raise hockey game prices. Some fans from these teams make the trek to your city. These fans inflate ticket prices.

You can score lower prices if you buy games against lower seed and less popular teams. Some teams draw regular fan support despite overall performance. The Blackhawks, Maple Leafs, and Rangers will raise the prices of any home game.

You can score discounts when your team hosts the Coyotes, Panthers, or Flames.

Save Money on Your Hockey Tickets

Saving money on hockey tickets lets you see more games more often. You’ll also have leftover money to spend on merchandise if you desire.

Data and information are provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended for investment or other purposes.