The Muppet Christmas Carol Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary With A New Picture Disc Vinyl Album

Released on 14th October, The Muppet Christmas Carol celebrates its 30th anniversary with a new, limited edition picture disc vinyl. Join the funny, heartwarming and wonderfully wacky cast of The Muppets and Michael Caine (Scrooge himself) for a retelling of the Dickens’ tale. A beautiful atmospheric score is interspersed with memorable singers including the Ghost of Christmas Present (“It Feels Like Christmas”), the cold-hearted Jacob and Robert Marley (“Marley & Marley”), and the harmonies of Tiny Tim and the Cratchit Family (“Bless Us All”). A highlight of this soundtrack is the broken-hearted ballad “When Love Is Gone,” performed by Scrooge’s lost love, and even a bonus a version by the acclaimed artist Martina McBride. You and your loved ones will be singing along to classics like Kermit’s “One More Sleep ‘til Christmas” or Scrooge’s “With a Grateful Heart” all holiday season! A delightful Christmas album that reminds us all of the importance of sharing kindness and compassion all year long.

Tracklist – 1LP Picture Disc

Side A
Paul Williams – Overture
The Muppet Cast – Scrooge
Honeydew and Beaker – Room In Your Heart
Muppet Brass Buskers – Good King Wenceslas*
Kermit – One More Sleep ’til Christmas
Marley and Marley – Marley and Marley
Miles Goodman – Christmas Past
Sam Eagle – Chairman of The Board
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band – Fozziwig’s Party

Side B
Belle – When Love is Gone
Ghost of Christmas Present – It Feels Like Christmas
Tiny Tim (Kermit) – Christmas Scat
Tiny Tim (Tiny Tim’s Family) – Bless Us All
Miles Goodman – Christmas Morning
Scrooge – Thankful Heart
Ghost of Christmas Present (Tiny Tim, Scrooge, The Muppet Cast) – Finale – When Love Is Found/It Feels Like Christmas
Martina McBride – When Love Is Gone