7 Celebs Who Started Successful Perfume Brands

By Mitch Rice

Perfumes are part of the wardrobe of many people, from office workers to corporate owners, sports personalities, and movie and music celebrities. But, according to industry experts, the celebrities who decided to come up with their fragrance lines gain more profit because of their fame and following. 

The trend started with Sophia Loren, followed by Elizabeth Taylor in 1987. Her perfume line contributes a sizeable amount to the revenue of her business empire. 

A perfume needs three primary elements – the celebrity, the fragrance company, and the perfumers. Some celebrities become involved in scent creation. Still, for the most part, it is the fragrance company, the perfumers, and the marketing people who decide on the scent according to the celebrity’s image, personality, preferences, the taste of the target market, and the current fragrance trends. 

The process of creating a scent for a celebrity takes many steps. However, it is part of a grand marketing plan for the celebrity to help boost revenue, secure loyalty to the brand, and extend the artist’s popularity. 

But undeniably, many celebrities who entered the business became successful, releasing between 10 and 30 fragrances over the years and earning several million for the fragrances bearing their names.

Britney Spears 

Britney Spears is an entertainer and recording artist who started her career as a teenager. At times, she may appear out of sorts, but the fragrances that bear her name, created and marketed by Elizabeth Arden, are earning her millions. So far, she has released 35 fragrances after launching the first one, Curious, in 2004. It has remained a best-seller since its release. Among her 35 fragrances, other top sellers include Believe, Midnight Fantasy, Private Show, Fantasy, and Radiance. 

Her fragrances target the younger market, using a combination of citrus, floral, musk, and other aromas that are light, playful, breezy, and zesty.

Elizabeth Taylor 

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first actresses who started the trend of celebrity fragrances, collaborating with Elizabeth Arden/Revlon in 1987 to create her first fragrance, Passion. Two years later, she launched Passion for men. 

The most successful among the 20 perfumes bearing her name is White Diamonds, launched in 1991, followed in succession with other gem-inspired fragrances. 

The legendary actress is known for her lovely violet eyes. Her company released Violet Eyes in 2010, a sensual fragrance of white peaches, purple rose, jasmine, and peony, with the lasting aromas of amber and cedar.

Paris Hilton 

Under her name, entrepreneur and heiress Paris Hilton launched 30 fragrances. Her fragrance business started in 2004 with the release of a self-titled fragrance. 

Paris Hilton perfume was initially for limited release, but its success led to a full-fledged fragrance business. Her latest release is Ruby Rush, launched in 2022. The fragrance is contained in a beautifully-shaped bottle. It has a bustier for its cover and a figure-hugging red skirt for the flacon. 

The Paris Hilton fragrance brand remains popular worldwide. She collaborates with Parlux and some of the prominent noses in the industry. Her perfumes are fragrant, honeyed, floral, and fruity, balanced by musk, woods, and aromatics.

Sarah Jessica Parker 

Sarah Jessica Parker is long-remembered as Carrie Bradshaw of the hit show, Sex and the City. She dreamed of creating a signature fragrance for 20 years. In 2005, she collaborated with Coty to launch her first perfume, Lovely. Since then, she has launched 20 fragrances, with the latest, Lovely Lights, released in 2022.

Her fragrances are usually fresh and delicate, with interesting layers of complementary aromas, allowing users to wear her perfume day or night. 

Sarah Jessica Parker showed keen interest in the fragrance creation in some of her fragrances, particularly with Lovely.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, or JLo, is known for her sultry looks, beauty, and fashion sense. Under her name, she started her perfume line in 2002, collaborating with Coty to create and distribute her perfumes. Her initial release was Glow, sold in a curvy bottle resembling her figure. 

Glow, created by Louise Turner and Catherine Walsh, became an instant best-seller, breaking numerous sales records. It is a sweet, powdery scent, blending the aromas of various flowers, citrus, musk, vanilla, amber, and sandalwood. The fragrance suits women in their late teens and early 20s. As of 2023, she has released 32 fragrances.

Jessica Simpson 

Jessica Simpson is an American pop star who was successful in the 1990s. She collaborated with Randi Shinder, the founder of Clean Line, in 2004 to produce cosmetics, perfumes, and edible lip glosses for the youth market under the Dessert Beauty label, which closed in 2006.

In 2008, she partnered with Parlux fragrances to create more mature perfumes, launching her first fragrance, Fancy. Its success spawned several fragrances under the Fancy brand.

Among the 18 fragrances she released, her best seller is Fancy Forever, which is fruity, sweet, strong, and musky.

Katy Perry 

Among the newest celebrities to have a fragrance line is Katy Perry, who started her brand in 2010. Since then, she has released 10 perfumes. Katy Perry collaborated with Coty and worked with perfumers Givaudan, Laurent Le Guernec, Natasha Côté, and Stephen Nilsen. 

Katy Perry’s perfumes are geared toward a young audience, and her brand uses social media to reach consumers. 

Her most popular fragrance is Purr Eau De Parfum Spray. It opens with the scent of peach and apple, with different flowers, coconut, and vanilla aromas. Interestingly, it also has the scent of bamboo and gardenia, making it quite clean.

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