My Next Read: Stewart Copeland’s Police Diaries

Rocket88 Books, in conjunction with Rolling Stone, has just announced the release of an amazing book: ‘Stewart Copeland’s Police Diaries.’

From Stewart’s own words:

“Do you know where you were on September 25, 1976? Maybe not, but I do.

I was a long-haired alien drummer touring the UK in a prog-rock band called Curved Air, and that night we were in Newcastle where I saw a local band called Last Exit.

I know that because I was taking notes every day in my now slightly dog-eared, pocket diaries. I noted that they were ‘great’ and that we had a party. In a later diary entry, after realizing that punk was the future, I remark on the day that I persuaded their bassist to move to London and join me in my own punk band.

All this, along with explanations of what the cryptic original notes mean, makes this book the truest account of The Police’s beginning and early days.

It’s full of my original diary pages, hand-made poster designs, ragged accounts, callow observations and other scribblings of a proto-rock star, illuminated by hitherto unseen vintage photos from the deepest vaults.

It’s a big, noisy book about one heckuva ride.”

Along with the previously unseen material in the book, special editions will include unreleased early demo recordings made by Stewart, signed prints of the trio from their first photo shoot and signed books.

Signing up for the Police Diaries will give you an exclusive Rocket 88 discount when the editions go on pre-order in a few weeks – and the option to have a name printed in the book.