Little Big Town On “Shucked” and Their Love for LGBTQ Community

We caught up with country music supergroup Little Big Town at the premiere of the new Broadway musical “Shucked” to talk about their excitement for this new production, why supporting the LGBTQ community is so important for them and how it was “joyful” for them to see their friend #KelseaBallerini the CMT Awards stage with drag queens.

“We just love people. We love our fans, we love our friends that are part of that community. And so we, we want to be a voice to step out and fight and, and we’re happy to do that because he said it best. Like we, we’re, we’re all in this life together and we have to love each other and support each other. So love is love and we are, we are here for that,” said Karen Fairchild.

“Shucked” is the new musical comedy that proves sometimes tearing down a few walls, rather than growing them, is the only way to preserve our way of life.