When Men Play Poker, Women Sing About It: 4 Beautiful Songs to Listen to

By Mitch Rice

Music is about feelings and emotions. It is not a secret that usually singers not only just tell a story, but they put some narrative in it: Could be a story from their life, or a hidden message addressed to someone who once broke their heart, and so on. Artists write about their experiences mostly, but there is something that although women do not experience much they sing equally awesomely as men do. It is poker, a male-dominant game that has become a storyline for lots of songs.

While poker is mostly played by men, female artists wrote some amazing music about or related to the game and its philosophy. Probably it is not surprising, since people often compare poker with life. So, go through the compact list we prepared for you, and definitely listen to these beautiful songs. Those who know how to play poker and be a winner will understand every single word and message in the songs. Those who do not might need to google some expressions. Anyway, we tried to give short descriptions and important highlights. We recommend adding the songs to your library and enjoying them from time to time.

ABBA – The Winner Takes It All

Let us start with the legendary and beloved Swedish group, that was melting the fans’ hearts in the 70s with their lovely songs. The Winner Takes It All was one of them. Although the group consists of 2 male and 2 female members, Agnetha Fältskog is the song’s vocalist and author. She put the story of love on the “gaming table”, where the winner takes all, and the loser stands small.

“I’ve played all my cards”-sings the group and concludes: Sometimes it is foolish to play all by the rules. Well, this is a controversial statement, but also a beautifully emotional one. The song has been performed by other singers as well, and the version of Carla Bruni is pretty much soul-stirring.

Juice Newton – Queen of the Hearts

The American pop and country singer hit all the levels of success by releasing a song that would become a queen of many hearts back in the 1980s. This was Newton’s second most successful song and was written by Hank DeVito.

The love story is presented figuratively. “Playin’ with the Queen of Hearts Knowin’ it ain’t really smart” was the singer’s regret and the bottom line is not a happy ending, but Newton’s voice and beautiful melody are worth enjoying.

Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Okay, be careful with this one. If we were to rank the list, then “Poker Face” must have been labeled as an Advanced song, suggested to those who love poker, know at least a couple of terms, and are ready to face this super energetic dance and electro song. She released it in 2008 in her album named “The Fame”.

Although the sales of the song were not that much high, it still succeeded to become one of the most-listened songs for a long period. The phenomenal singer says that she “wanna hold ’em like they do in Texas” and is proud that no one can read her poker face. Listen to this song when you want to dance, work out, or find a motivation to play poker.

Ayumi Hamasaki – Poker Face

Another “Poker Face” with a completely different approach. The storyline is different, and the type of music as well. Ayumi Hamasaki is a Japanese singer, who has sold millions of copies and is considered the most popular and successful Japanese singer.

Ayumi’s song is a love story, written and told in Japanese. So, you would rather enjoy the music than the lyrics if you do not know the language. In any case, the song is beautiful and the tone that the singer sets is not as brave as you will hear from Lady Gaga. Also, no poker terms will confuse you, even if you understand some Japanese.

Grab Your Headphones

We hope that you will enjoy the list we covered in this article. We tried to mention different types of songs, in different genres, so many could find their choice in this interesting list. When it comes to songs about poker, it’s interesting to see how women, particularly talented female artists, approach the subject compared to men. Now it is time to bring your headphones and dive into the variety of these songs. Whatever you prefer, listening to music is always a great idea, especially when you pick the right music at the right time.

Luckily, today streaming services create hundreds of playlists for every occasion, such as running, having breakfast, playing video games, having some rest, and much more. All you need is to read the category and stream it immediately.

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