Portable Tanning Lamp

By Mitch Rice

Portable tanning lamps offer a bronze summer glow and appear to healthier skin. Most people prefer to be tan due it aids in thinner and younger skin effects. However, salon appointments and lengthy tanning procedures are mainly on the downside.

Purchasing a portable tanning lamp can benefit from getting enough vitamin D to enhance mood and overall health. These devices are small and compact to improve mood, and body structure, save time, and many more without waiting or appointment booking hassle.

Moreover, spray tans aren’t ideal for multiple people because of their unnatural appearance. It fades the tan, leading to ruined clothes and bedsheets.

Therefore, using portable tanning lamps aids in various ways. Continue reading to learn the perfect beach-ready body tan at home without any challenge.

How Portable Tanning Lamp Helps You?

Tanning naturally can be challenging due to unpredictable weather conditions. That’s why a portable tanning Lamp helps you to get the desired tone in no time. Below we mention how these lamps are beneficial to use at home.

Save Time And Energy

Portable tanning lamps help in saving time and energy as they can prevent you from booking an appointment. Reaching there ahead of time, waiting, and scheduling the day according to the tanning salon appointment can be very exhausting. Tanning skin is much more accessible at home than going to professional salons.

Also, these salons might take long enough, depending on how dark you want the tan. Driving to the salon and returning can be overtired; tanning at home is a safe and best strategy for multiple people. Home appliances offer a professional look and are easy to use so you can utilize these gadgets without any challenges.

Cut all that hardship of a professional tanning booth by getting tanning at home—no scheduling and hassle. You are just a second away from turning the device for a flawless tanning look without getting stuck in traffic.

Enhance the Body Structure

Tanning devices can enhance the body structure by adding volume to skin color. It allows the body to shine evenly, appears moisturized, and reduces blemish areas from the body. Using portable tanning lamps helps to get the desired bronzy look, such as clearing the pores and exaggerating the eye color.

Athletes are most likely exposed to sun and fractures, leading to uneven skin tone and broken bones. However, most of these devices are featured with UV lights, which aid in circulating Vitamin D. Tanning gadgets circulate phosphorus levels, calcium, and other essential components, creating healthy bones and maintaining a healthy body structure.

Purchasing tanning lamps with UV lights for home usage helps balance the skin tone. Your sunkissed body looks flawless and healthier during unwanted weather changes or winters. And these lamps can embrace the body structure without side effects or sunburn if used carefully.

Cost Effective

Professional salons require a long tanning bed session to provide a bronzy appearance. It’s around five to twenty dollars a month, but spending hundreds of dollars a year for tanning appearance isn’t a smart move. So, it’s better to invest in a durable gadget once and for all.

Looking for a long-term solution without paying a penny each month is better. However, these salons cost more if you want to build up the color or other additional facilities to prevent the burn.

This type of business strategy makes you spend more and more on tanning. Moreover, portable tanning lamps are available in the market in various ranges from thirty-two to hundred dollars.

Tanning Specific Body Features

Professional salons don’t control or provide multiple options for tanning specific body features. These beds offer whole-body tanning sessions. But what if you want particular body parts to be tan to balance the overall skin tone?

Ample people want to tan their legs, hands, and face to balance their skin tone. So, portable tanning lamps can be used to tan other body features without any hassle. Place it on a flat surface and relax near the lamp for a flawless bronzy skin tone.

Conversely, salon tanning beds can’t offer specific tanning body features. Due to their compact and small design, these portable tanning lamps can be used to tan sections of your body. Without tanning lines, portable lamps can enhance skin tone and balance it efficiently.

Trouble-Free Switch-Off Option

Sunbath for long hours can lead to sunburns which can be a painful experience. However, portable tanning lamps have adjustable time features, ensuring to turn it off accordingly.

This feature can prevent sunburns and unfortunate incidents from happening. Most portable tanning appliances are featured with a one to fifteen-minute timer. The device will switch off automatically if you fall asleep due to comfort.

This feature can aid by not setting an extra alarm to switch the position for a balanced skin tone. You can use the timer feature to change posture to have the desired tan accordingly.

Top-Notch Experience

Portable tanning lamps offer similar results as natural sun tanning. And these are nothing like tan spray products that can ruin your clothes and bedsheets. Spray makes your skin darker quickly and starts to lose its tint in the shower or sweat.

However, lamps will gradually turn your skin into a brown shade without fear of ruining your clothes. Tanning lamps offer even and salon-quality tanning effects with easy access.

You can adjust the timer for how dark you want the tan and apply it in a small section. These devices are available in different sizes and shapes, so you can hang them or place them anywhere at home.

Improve Mood

Sunlight can enhance mood and energy due to the increasing natural hormones. Yet, the portable tanning lamp can also boost serotonin levels to improve mood. These hormones are known as happy hormones, which can cure (SAD) seasonal affective disorder and depression in winter.

Tanning lamps have the perfect light intensity to cure SAD and Depression symptoms. So, you can have the ideal sunkissed tan and prevent psychological disease accordingly.

The cold weather blocks the sun’s rays and omits the bright light exposure with nutrients. Yet, UV tanning lamps can reduce the symptoms and naturally enhance mood.

Bottom Line

These devices aid in improving the skin’s function by exposing bright light. But it’s a perfect alternative to ditch the salon and maintain the tan at home. Portable tanning lamps can be used for therapy sessions due to bright light exposure, which enhances mood and mental health.

Depression, SAD, circadian rhythm issues, and other psychological disease symptoms can be managed by naturally increasing vitamin D levels. Tanning lamps also have risk factors, so using them with a doctor’s consultation and proper equipment knowledge is better.

However, experts suggest using sunscreen with these portable tanning lamps to lock the skin texture from skin burns.