Qobuz, the High-Quality Music Streaming and Download Platform, Launches Today in Canada

Qobuz, the high-quality music streaming and download platform, is continuing its international expansion with its launch today in Canada. With Qobuz hitting the market, all Canadian music lovers who are looking for a unique music experience will now have access to a high-quality music service that’s a cut above the mainstream competition.

A continuation of Qobuz’ international expansion strategy

As of today’s launch, in Canada, Qobuz marks its expansion into its 26th country. After Northern EuropeAustralia, and New Zealand in 2021, and Latin America in 2022, Qobuz’ arrival today in Canada responds to a growing need among Canadian music aficionados and audiophiles for high-quality music streaming and download offerings.

Qobuz, a unique approach to online music

Since its founding, Qobuz has developed a unique approach to online music. At the heart of the offer is top-notch sound quality. With its lossless catalog and lossless, downloadable files— i.e. CD quality and high resolution (Hi-Res)— Qobuz provides rich, incomparable listening quality that brings users as close as possible to the intention and emotion of the artists. As Canada’s music market has expanded over the years (more than 8% growth in 2022, making it the 8th biggest music market worldwide according to the Global Music Report 2022), Qobuz’ launch responds to the growing need among Canadian music lovers and audiophiles for high quality music streaming offers.

A service made for discovery and musical diversity

A true cultural medium, Qobuz provides a user experience designed for discovery and musical diversity. Through its Magazine, the platform offers artist interviews, in-depth articles and a section dedicated to Hi-Fi gear. Qobuz is recognized for the quality of its recommendations and album features. Each week, the editorial team selects an eclectic array of artists and albums, known or emerging, for listeners to (re)discover, and playlists are updated with carefully hand-picked tracks. All musical genres—rock, jazz, classical, pop, R&B, electronic, world, metal, etc.—are honored, and the catalog is curated with a human touch.

Qobuz is also a community based on a common passion. Qobuz Club offers audiophiles and music lovers from all over the world a unique place where they can share their musical discoveries and recommendations as well as advice on Hi-Fi equipment.

“Qobuz is the only platform in the world to offer unparalleled sound quality (high resolution music streaming and downloads), coupled with an exclusive cultural magazine with thousands of articles dedicated to music. Qobuz is aimed at a demanding and discerning audience looking for alternatives to the mainstream.” says Georges Fornay, Deputy CEO of Qobuz.

“The arrival of Qobuz in Canada has been eagerly awaited by audiophiles and dedicated music fans. It is very exciting for us to be able to offer our unique high-quality service across the entirety of North America.” – Dan Mackta, Managing Director, Qobuz North America & Northern Europe.

Canada will have the great gift of quality listening when Qobuz opens!” declares Neil Young, veteran Canadian singer-songwriter and one of the audio world’s most influential individuals.

Qobuz Canada – Offerings and Price Plans

All offers are available in the following configurations:

  • SOLO for an individual subscription
  • DUO for a subscription of two people
  • FAMILY for up to 6 accounts for members of the same family on one subscription


The STUDIO offer gives users unlimited access to the entire Qobuz catalog in studio quality and to all editorial content.

  • STUDIO SOLO: $12.99 per month for an individual subscription. Or $10.83 per month, i.e. $129.99 in one yearly installment, for the annual subscription.
  • STUDIO DUO: $17.99 CAD per month, for two accounts on the same subscription. Or $14.99 per month, i.e. $17.88 in one yearly installment, for the annual subscription.
  • STUDIO FAMILY: $21.90 per month, up to 6 accounts for all family members with one subscription. Or $17.99 per month, i.e. $215.88 in one yearly installment, for the annual subscription.


The Sublime offer gives access to the entire Qobuz catalog of albums in studio quality, all available for streaming and download, with exclusive discounts on Hi-Res purchases of up to 60%.

  • SUBLIME SOLO: $179.99 for an annual subscription in one yearly installment, i.e. $15 per month.
  • SUBLIME DUO: $269.89 for an annual subscription in one yearly installment, i.e. $22.49 per month.
  • SUBLIME FAMILY: $349.99 for an annual subscription (up to 6 accounts for family members), in one yearly installment, i.e. $29.17 per month.