Made to Move You: Panasonic’s New RZ-B310W and RZ-B110W True Wireless Earphones

Panasonic is pleased to announce two new pairs of Digital Wireless Stereo Earphones that are perfect for people on the go. Each pair caters to a different listener priority: noise cancelling or longer battery life. For those who value Active Noise Cancelling, the new RZ-B310W are an inner-ear model with Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling capabilities. Meanwhile, the RZ-B110W offer an incredible 26 hours of playback time for those who want to listen to music longer without worrying about maintaining a charge. The earphones themselves can hold a six-hour charge and are provided with an extra 20 hours-worth of playback from a fully charged carrying case.

Both pairs of new earphones are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time thanks to Panasonic’s ‘Ergofit’ design. Both headphone pairs are outfitted with XBS tech to energize the listener’s tunes with powerful bass that is streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth® 5.3.

The RZ-B310W and RZ-B110W offer incredible value for the money at $99.99 and $59.99, respectively. They are available now in a black color on

RZ-B310W with Active Noise Cancelling

Hybrid System – Ideal for the Commuter

Using both feedback and feedforward, with microphones inside as well as outside, Panasonic’s RZ-B310W earphones neutralize distracting ambient noise. They’re ideal for travel, removing the repetitive background noise from planes, trains, buses and other forms of public transport.

RZ-B110W for 26-Hour Party Performance

With Fully Charged Carry Case

When listeners are enjoying music, the last thing they want is to be caught short of power. Thanks to the RZ-B110W’s 6-hour battery life, supplemented with 20 hours of additional run-time from the carrying-case, these earphones will keep listeners tuned in to their music or dialled-in to calls for more than a full day. These new earphones are quickly and easily charged using the supplied USB-C cable.

Separately, the B310W users can enjoy a 16-hour battery life, even when using active noise cancelling. The earphones themselves provide five hours of non-stop playback and the carrying case can provide an extra 11 hours when fully charged.

‘Ergofit’ Design

Canal Style Earphones with Comfort in Mind

Thanks to the ‘Ergofit’ design, which has a canal type structure, B310W and B110W wireless earphones provide a comfortable and secure fit to keep them and the user’s tunes where they belong – in their ears.

XBS Extra Bass

Boost the Rhythm for Better Engagement

Thanks to Panasonic’s XBS tech and 10mm drivers, the new B310W and B110W earphones deliver clear sound with extra bass. The combination will energize the listener’s music and bring a spring to their step.

Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless

Cut the Cords for Freedom

Tangled wires are a thing of the past thanks to B310W and B110W’s Bluetooth® capabilities. Connect quickly and easily to mobile phones, and other smart devices, via Bluetooth® 5.3 tech for greater battery efficiency, a more stable connection, and crystal-clear clarity for music and calls.

IPX4 Water Resistance

For Real-World Use

Featuring IPX4 water resistance, both B310W and B110W are equally at home on an intense indoor workout in the gym or outside in the rain. Moisture won’t get in the way of enjoying music.

Voice Assistance

Compatible with Google Assistant and Siri

Both new pairs of Panasonic’s true-wireless earphones are Google Assistant and Siri compatible. A tap on the side of the chosen earphone, with the ‘wake words,’ will bring the relevant digital assistant to life.