Triple-Threat Ana Pac Brings The “Good Vibes” With New Single

When you take the bold step of naming a song “Good Vibes”, you must live up to that title. The multi-talented singer, dancer and actor Ana Pac does that and more with her new single, a positively perfect banger released just in time for summer.

“Good Vibes” continues Ana’s focus of writing and performing songs focused on positivity and acceptance. Her previous singles, “Down in My Whip”, “This is….” and “Blast Off (Light Years and Beyond)” were inspirational messages that encouraged listeners to pay attention to their inner voices, to have the courage to follow their dreams despite the obstacles and nay-sayers.

With its bouncy dance pop beat, “Good Vibes” kicks the inspiration up to an entirely new level. It’s all about attitude, about making the choice to create your own sunshine.

“Every day when you wake up, it’s another chance to choose to shine,” Ana sings on the new song. “Feel the sun on your face, even if it’s only in your mind.”

Ana Pac exudes confidence and kindness. She wants people to embrace who they are with love and joy. The former highly competitive speed skater believes in living life to its limits and celebrating the wins, throwing herself a parade for her successes. And she believes in giving thanks for those successes, too.

“It’s up to you, yeah baby, what’s your attitude?” she asks in “Good Vibes”. “If you live like you’re living, give the universe some gratitude.”

And in the chorus, Ana encourages others to share their positive attitude.

“Come on and give me some good vibes, good vibes, show me you believe in all of the magic, tell me everything, all of your passion.”

The proudly open member of the LGBTQ2S+ community now makes Toronto her home. Her triple threat status also applies to her communications skills – she’s trilingual, fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Her talents as both a dancer and an actor have won her roles in film and television. You can see Ana performing in the Netflix original films Work It, produced by Alicia Keys, and Feel the Beat, starring Sofia Carson. You might have even seen her smiling face in a milk commercial.

Already a social media influencer, Ana’s star continues to rise on Tik Tok, where her @ana_pac account has 117,800 followers. Check out her tap dance videos to music from Disney films as well as songs from One Direction, Meghan Trainor and more, some of which have received over a million views.

Ana playfully animated lyric video for “Blast Off (Light Years Away)” has over 35,000 views. Equally as popular on her channel is her video for her 2022 single “Bite the Rainbow”, a celebration of all the colours of the rainbow that represent the LGBTQ2S+ community. Ana’s many fans are certainly awaiting a video for her upbeat new single!

With the release of “Good Vibes”, and its accompanying remixes produced by Nate Sprague and Keys Snow, Ana Pac is poised for a big breakthrough in 2023. You’re sure to be feeling the “Good Vibes” all summer long.