Phil Elam Melodic Miracle: A Journey of Hope and Success

By Mitch Rice

Meet Phil Elam….

The Detroit City days were cold and desolate.  A 5 year old boy made his way along the dangerous streets to serve his federally mandated sentence in Kindergarten.  The road was frot with peril.  Anger from Bohemian bullies wreaking with the stench of rage thrust upon them by an unforgiving socioeconomic system. Each agresser looking for a value to release their frustration.  Phil Elam, an innocent child full of fear, was an easy target.  While Phil banked on his ability to pray for deliverance, he was unknowingly another kind of “prey”.

Countless nights Phil Elam sat on the edge of his bed crying tears of dread aware of  the torment that awaited him with each cold morning sun.  But even at a young age while crying himself to sleep Phil knew that  “Hope is the one thing that can help you get through the darkest times.” For years Phil Elam held on to his hope.  Phil knew that he would one day replace his pain for pearls. Return his ridicule for riches.  Transform his torture into tiaras. 

Now years laters the tides have turned. An ocean of success is now washing ashore.  Phil Elam just reached 3 Million Streams on Spotify as an independent artist and he is just getting started. The song that is kicking everything into gear is the infectious instant dance classic, “White Girl Wasted”. Here are a couple of quotes from noted labels and DJs …

“Hey, what a track! The vocals are like velvet, smooth and captivating, and the instrumental is a perfect blend of creativity and technical skill.  You’re making music that touches the soul, keep up the amazing work!” 

— WhySoSick (203,121 Followers)

“Hey, Nice job on this. Engaging, driving and fast-paced, making it into an energetic listen.  The production quality is good, and all in all it clicks into a good listen. Well done!”

— Trap Town Records (392,286 Followers)

Phil Elam is no stranger to the concert stage.  As part of the former pop duo Justus Boyz he opened for such acts as Nelly and a couple of retro disco shows headlined by Village People and KC (Sunshine Band).  As a solo act Phil Elam sold out Detroit’s Marlene Bolls Theatre to a standing ovation.   

But when you talk to Phil Elam what’s most important is his connection to others and his determination to remain grateful.  Phil will always be that innocent 5 year old boy who is in search of a safe space. Phil Elam knows that he’s not the only one who has gone through such trying times. He also knows that there are so many going through the same thing today.  Phil Elam wants you to know that you are not alone. “Please hold on to hope”, said Phil Elam.  “Let’s find our safe space together.”

Phil Elam Standing Ovation Finale

Phil Elam Spotify

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